‘American Pickers’: Here Are Danielle Colby’s Two Favorite Places To Go Picking

by Shelby Scott

For those individuals unfamiliar with antiques and the world of picking, shopping for what some might call “junk” appears easy. All you do is go to a consignment shop, antique shop, or occasional yard sale and pick up the oldest-looking thing. Right? Although that would make “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby’s life a bit easier, it’s truthfully not how picking works at all.

During her time on the History Channel’s hit show, she and her costars have traveled all over the country looking for interesting and valuable finds. Additionally, costar Mike Wolfe has been held at gunpoint during some of his earlier picking travels. Nevertheless, Colby takes joy in traveling for her finds. She further revealed her two favorite places to travel to in a 2017 interview.

During the Monsters & Critics session, the interviewer asked, “Where is your favorite part (or parts) of the country for the abundance of high-quality Americana?”

“My favorite part of the country to go picking is out east!” she said. She said she’s able to find lots of “incredible” items on the coast. It makes sense seeing that the east coast is the oldest part of the modernized region of the U.S. Internationally, she shared, “Picking in Paris is like nothing you’ve experienced in the states because the history is so much older.”

For Colby, the best part of Parisian finds, however, lie in the realm of striptease and Burlesque. These particular styles of performance are another dynamic interest of hers. The finds are “more power packed” in Paris, according to the star.

Danielle Colby Refuses to Engage with Critics During “American Pickers” Feud

While Colby is obviously a major fan of antique hunting and a hardcore dedicant to burlesque wardrobe and practice, she is not one to dedicate herself to “American Pickers” internal squabbles, especially on her social media pages.

Since “American Pickers” costar Frank Fritz left the show, fans have witnessed a lot of back-and-forth between the former costars. Nevertheless, Colby has managed to keep herself from falling in the middle of it. She simply stated previously that she wishes the best for Fritz as he continues to battle his own demons.

However, she’s clearly sick of the drama and backlash resultant from the “American Pickers” feud. Apparently, Colby’s been turning off comments for posts surrounding her time and partnerships on the show. The most recent post portrayed her and costar Mike Wolfe hanging out. Of it, the tattooed picker wrote, “I love getting to spend time with @mikewolfeamericanpicker.” While she knew the photo and caption could cause unwanted controversy, simply turning off the comments was probably her best option.

Nevertheless, we hope fans of the show see some sense of resolution and normalcy soon.