‘American Pickers’: How Danielle Colby’s Unique Look Led to Mike Wolfe Bringing Her on Show

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

On American Pickers, the stars of the show are just as extraordinary as the items they find. And according to host Mike Wolfe, this isn’t just a coincidence.

Wolfe, himself, doesn’t have a super unique appearance or style. However, his quirky personality is more than enough to show that he definitely stands out in the crowd. Meanwhile, his co-star, Danielle Colby, has an edgy, artsy vibe that you wouldn’t otherwise expect in an antique shop.

Colby and Wolfe first met in 2000, before Wolfe even created the concept of American Pickers. Over the years, the two friends discovered a mutual love for picking. Soon enough, Wolfe knew that Colby would be the perfect addition to his team.

“When we sold this show to History, I needed to hire somebody that did what I did, did what we did with the research and just dissecting things as far as where we were gonna go,” Wolfe explained during a past Q&A.

And Colby’s picking talent wasn’t the only aspect Wolfe admired about his American Pickers co-star.

“I saw what she was capable of. I mean, she’s got the edge, she’s got the look,” he continued. “One thing I wanted when I hired her, and I knew she was gonna be on camera, is I wanted someone that did not look like they would work in any antique shop.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Had an Anti-Image of His Show’s Audience

Often, producers and show hosts have a picture of their audience in mind before creating a show. Of course, these viewers will have the same interests as the stars and perhaps even another few key traits in common. For antiquing, you might picture some older folks that spend their free time knitting and dusting off their figurine collectibles.

Well, when Wolfe created American Pickers, he wanted to break that stigma so that people would look at the show “in a different way.” And he knew Colby’s cool demeanor would help with that.

“I wanted people to look at antiques like they’re fun, they’re rad, they’re killer, they’re awesome.” he shared. “I wanted people to know that you didn’t have to have a blue blazer and 10 cats to be an antique dealer.”

Cue the picture of salt-and-pepper-haired Colby with her multitude of tattoos and burlesque side gig.

Yeah, we’re not going to see her in a blue blazer anytime soon.

Now that Colby is on the American Pickers team, Wolfe feels like they’ve achieved that “rad” sense that can come with picking antiques. Her unique tastes and interests definitely add a balancing component to the show. And more importantly, the two demonstrate that, from tattoos to blue blazers, anyone can become a picker with enough passion and determination.