‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby’s Daughter Wears Her Mom’s Hand-Me-Down Swimsuit in New Beach Pic

by Clayton Edwards

Fans of American Pickers get to know a little bit about Danielle Colby just by tuning in. First and foremost, fans see that she is kind of the brains of the operation. Dani holds down the fort at Antique Archeology. Additionally, she finds leads to Mike to follow while he is out on the road. More than her job, though, we get to learn a little about her passions in life. For instance, Dani calls herself the Queen of Rust, because she loves most things vintage. That love for throwback style becomes even more obvious through her fashion sense. On top of her skills in the office and her passion for the fashions and items of yesteryear, fans all know about the American Pickers star’s stunning looks.

However, many fans may not know that Danielle Colby has a 21-year-old daughter named Memphis who could almost be her twin.

It seems that Danielle Colby passed down her more than her looks to her daughter, Memphis. She also passed down her love for old-school cool fashion. Additionally, she handed down a cute red and white paisley-print swimsuit. Memphis posted a series of photos wearing that swimsuit on the beach over the past few days.

In the most recent of those photos, we see Memphis kneeling in the sand as the waves roll in. The 21-year-old dark-haired beauty shares a little about the swimsuit in the caption. She said that Danielle Colby passed it down to her about ten years ago. So, there’s no telling how old the suit really is. Check out the photo below.

In the caption, Memphis says, “I’ve had this swimsuit for literally like 10 years, it’s a hand me down from,” then, she tags Danielle Colby’s Instagram account before saying that she’ll never stop wearing the vintage piece of swimwear. Finally, she closed the post by asking her followers, “What’s your oldest piece of clothing?”

Danielle Colby’s Daughter Memphis is Making a Name for Herself

Memphis isn’t riding Danielle Colby’s coattails into the limelight. Instead, she is building her own following through social media. Currently, she has over 19 thousand followers on her Instagram profile. She also appears on some paid platforms like OnlyFans and Fansly. As a result, many of her posts are a little steamy.

However, it turns out that most of her followers show her plenty of respect. When she asked about their oldest piece of clothing under the provocative pic above, only a few completely ignored the question. Most were ready to talk about their own vintage clothing. For instance, one follower said they have shirts from their dad that are easily fifty years old.