‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby’s Scary Story About Going ‘Too Far Out’ in Ocean

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

You know Danielle Colby of American Pickers, but did you know about that one scary moment when she went a bit too far out in the ocean?


Well, Colby recently did an interview with the Miami New Times. In the interview, she was asked if she had ever been to South Florida before, where Miami is located.

Danielle Colby said, “I have, when I was like 12 years old. I went to the beach and did stupid things like play with jellyfish and go too far out into the ocean. I was on this raft, and I went way too far out, and I couldn’t get back in.

Wait, what? That certainly sounds terrifying. A couple of things here, for one, being 12-years-old and drifting out too far into the ocean on a raft sounds incredibly scary. I know for myself that I would not have handled such a situation well at all. Second, the ocean is an unforgiving place. Even if you’re a young kid like Colby was, this kind of thing can happen. If you are not always vigilant of where you are in the water, things go awry in a hurry. Could you imagine what Danielle Colby must have been thinking at that moment?

Also, how does one play with jellyfish? The interview should have asked more about that, as it sounds dangerous. Seriously, what do you do? How does that work? We have questions.

Danielle Colby and the Ocean

Colby continued when asked whether or not she had to be rescued, “No, I figured it out. I got off the raft and swam back in. It was exhausting. My parents were on the sidelines watching me. They were probably pretty used to watching me do stupid stuff by then.”

Phew. This is kind of wild, Outsiders, isn’t it? At 12-years-old Colby was able to change course and swim back to shore. She hopped off the raft that took her away in the ocean and instead of panicking or needing to be rescued, she rescued herself and swam back to shore. She said it was exhausting and we believe her. It’s funny isn’t it that her parents didn’t panic? They were just used to Danielle Colby doing things like that and chasing jellyfish like this and that she would be OK? They were not worried in the slightest. The parents knew that Colby would be OK. Clearly, this was something Colby did. Still, they were correct. Colby hopped off the raft. She swam back to shore. Everything worked out. Still, a scary tale, though, isn’t it?

American Pickers has run for over 11 years now, debuting in 2010. You can watch the show on the History Channel.