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‘American Pickers’: Do Crew Members on Show Do Any Picking?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage)

Fans of the popular History Channel series American Pickers have been watching the show’s hosts enter a wide variety of unique homes and spaces in order to pick through some amazing collections over the years.

However, while Mike Wolfe and his cohost are sorting through the goods, it’s easy to forget that there is a whole slew of other members of the American Pickers team that are operating behind the scenes.

And one has to wonder, do the crew members ever get the urge to pick while filming an episode of the popular History Channel series?

The answer according to the show’s host and creator, Mike Wolfe, is a resounding “yes”!

“Everybody has become a picker,” Mike Wolfe says with a laugh while addressing an audience during a 2013 book signing.

The ‘American Pickers’ Crew Likes To Get In On The Picking Action

According to Wolfe, it is not uncommon for any member of the American Pickers crew to take a break from running their equipment from time to time as they sift through a variety of collections while the Pickers hosts tour the nation looking for some exciting finds.

“The cameraman is always putting the camera down,” Mike Wolfe tells an amused audience during his speech.

Wolfe adds that he has enjoyed watching the members of the American Pickers crew develop their own tastes in picking as they visit a variety of exciting collections over the years.

“Everybody’s picking,” the American Pickers star says.

“Everybody’s got their own vibe in what they’re looking for,” the television host adds. “It’s really cool to see just how they’ve evolved as far as their picking capabilities.”

The Crew Develops Their Own Tastes And Picking Styles

The television host went on to add that he likes to watch his crew grow in their picking abilities as they learn what it is they think is cool, or why they like a particular type of item.

The antique collector goes on to note that one crew member enjoys collecting World War II items while a couple of other crew members really enjoy collecting unique lighting fixtures and unique vintage clothing.

While Mike Wolfe is quick to note that he is happy to help his crew develop their picking techniques, he does have one rule that he insists the crew follow when they pick through items during a shoot.

“The rule is though, they have to ask us!” Mike Wolfe jokes, adding that usually, he doesn’t buy an item once a crew member has already set their sights on it.

“They’re like ‘you’re not going to buy this are you?'” Wolfe jokes in the speech.

“‘Well, I was!'” the American Picker continues. “But I see if I do, then I’m gonna be in trouble!”