‘American Pickers’: Do Sellers Who Appear on Show Get Paid by History Channel?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)

In the last 11 years or more that American Pickers has been on TV, there have been hundreds of folks on the show selling their items. So, what is the deal with those sellers?

With all the people that appear on the show, is there a deal they make with History Channel? Do those folks get paid for their time? Or is it just the money they get from selling items to Mike and Frank? That question was answered early on when the pickers were getting ready to launch season 2 of the show.

During a Q&A session, the American Pickers answered a lot of questions. Mike and Frank and Danielle took turns depending on what was asked. For this question, Frank took the reigns.

“Nothing, no. You know there’s been all kinds of stuff on that,” Frank said about sellers getting royalties. “No, they’re more than happy to be on television. You know, believe it or not, we go and we buy stuff, a lot of times… we give [people] a fair price for their stuff and they don’t have to do anything. They don’t have to market, they don’t have to take it out, they don’t have to dig it out. They don’t have to do anything, they’re more than happy. …a thousand emails a day, we don’t have to pay somebody.”

When someone appears on the show, there is an agreement that it is more or less for the fun of it. The team might buy items at a location, but that is as far as any exchange of money goes. Now, do we think Frank is getting royalties from those old shows he is on?

‘American Pickers’ Fans Still Begging for Frank to Come Back

In the last two years, Frank Fritz has been absent from American Pickers. Mike Wolfe and Frank had a falling out. Now, the two haven’t spoken in a long time and Fritz is off the show. Not many fans are too happy about it. In fact, they use every chance they get to make a case for the former costar.

Even on Danielle’s birthday, fans were insistent. They asked where Frank is and if he would come back to the show. There are passionate pleas on almost every social media post about the show. It all started when Frank left at the end of Season 21. Since then, fans have been angry and upset that he lost his role on the show. However, it is unlikely that he makes it back to the History Channel hit show.

American Pickers has continued without Frank. Fans will keep asking about him, but it doesn’t look like much change is coming. For now, viewers will just have to wait for a miracle to happen.