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‘American Pickers’ Fan Thinks They Spotted a Ghost in Season 22 Episode

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage)

One Redditor believes they found themself a bonafide ghost on American Pickers. And after reviewing the film, we can’t say they’re wrong.

Mike Wolfe spends his life wandering through old and sometimes abandoned buildings for a living. So it was only a matter of time before something majorly creepy happened on the show.

There have been a few episodes where one of the stars (usually Mike) has felt a little uneasy while picking through particularly creepy homes and barns. But nothing major has ever happened.

However, last month, one fan was watching a season 22 episode of the reality series and something in the background caught their eye. So, as anyone with a moderate sense of ambition and curiosity would do, they recorded the scene on their phone and tweaked the lighting a bit.

The final edit revealed a spine-chilling clip of a man—dressed in some old-fashioned garb—strolling through the halls of an unused building. Watch the video for yourself right here.

Once the American Pickers fan confirmed their suspicions, they posted the video.

“I was watching American Pickers and saw what looks like a ghost walking on the right side of the screen,” they wrote.

A Redditor Believes ‘American Pickers’ Caught a Ghost on Camera, Do you?

According to the poster, the video came from “Season 22 Episode 12 about 24 minutes in.”

The Redditor was met with a lot of skepticism—because we all want to see ghosts until we do. Then, we just want to explain them away. But in all fairness, there are a lot of ways to explain away the apparition in question.

Most naysayers thought that the ghost was just a real person, which it could have been. We’re sure that a lot of crew members explore the buildings that Mike picks. Or, it could have been someone who lives or works on the property.

“It’s not a ghost the whole show is scripting it’s probably one of the pas or producers of the show,” someone commented. “As much as I want to believe in ghosts there is a rational scientific explanation for everything.”

Some users think the whole thing looks “staged” and suggested that maybe American Pickers was trying to spook the viewers.

“It’s right in the center of the screen, where our attention will more likely be, feels purposeful and staged,” one Redditor wrote.

“But as someone else pointed out, “It’s not a show that’s trying to capture paranormal activity. So what’s the point in staging it?”

But the original poster is sure there is something supernatural about the image. As he told the commenters, the hall was extremely dark in the original shot. So it would be unlikely that a living person was walking around.

Either way, as a few people said, it was “a good catch.” And we’d like to think there is some truth to the Redditor’s claim.