‘American Pickers’ Fans Blast the Show After Ex-Star Frank Fritz’ Firing

by Keeli Parkey

On the popular reality television series “American Pickers” something old finding a new life is a fairly common occurrence. However, some fans of this History Channel production were not very happy to see the show keep moving on after one of the antiques-hunting group’s hosts was recently fired.

This former host, of course, is Frank Fritz. The 55-year-old Iowa native was fired from “American Pickers” during his battle with addiction. And, based on the recent reactions of “American Pickers” fans, Fritz no longer being part of the show has not helped it one bit.

With Fritz in the rearview mirror, so to speak, host Mike Wolfe is now the man in charge of the “American Pickers” universe. Aiding him in this endeavor is the show’s longtime co-star Danielle Colby. Also joining Mike in the search for unique antiques is his brother, Robbie, according to The Sun. Mike is 57 years old. Robbie is 61.

However, the new hosting dynamic is not sitting well with all viewers of the series. And some of these fans of the reality show took to social media to share their feelings about Fritz’s exit from the show. They also shared their feelings about the direction of “American Pickers” now that Fritz is no longer in the fold.

For example, one Twitter user said they have decided to stop watching the show. “The show is nothing without Frank, sorry but I’ll be watching no more episodes, shameful,” @Tony71691037 posted on the popular social media platform.

One fan made it very clear that watching “American Pickers” without one of its original hosts has changed the show. And, those changes are not for the better. “The show isn’t the same without frank (Fritz),” fan @HenzB2 shared on Twitter.

Another Twitter user vowed that a recent episode of “American Pickers” was the last they planned to watch moving forward. “@americanpickers certainly won’t be watching it again,” user @Philwal87877215 also shared.

Some other comments from unhappy “American Pickers” fans included the following statements. These fans did not hold back in their critiques of the show without Frank Fritz.

“Show is garbage without Frank. Mike overpays for everything. Wife is gonna be happy with alimony!” one viewer comment.

“No Frank, the Bearded Charmer….NO American Pickers….flat. out!” another viewer also shared.

One fan bluntly said that they felt like that the quality of the show had declined since Frank Fritz had left. This fan said clearly said: “American Pickers is not as good since Mike got rid of Frank!”

Frank Fritz Last Appeared in Reality Series During Early 2020

If you’re wanting to go find the last episode of “American Pickers” with Frank Fritz, you have to go back to March 2020. He originally stepped away from the show to have back surgery and recover from that. However, he also entered rehab for alcohol addiction. And, Fritz said that feud with Wolfe led to his exit from “American Pickers.”

“I haven’t talked to Mike in two years. He knew my back was messed up, but he didn’t call me up and ask how I was doing. That’s just how it is. The show is tilted towards him 1,000 percent. I can’t even bend that far down to show you how much,” Fritz said.