‘American Pickers’ Fans Compile List of States Show Never Visited, Here’s What They Found

by John Jamison

For a good deal, there’s no place Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz won’t go. The stars of “American Pickers” have logged millions of miles driving across the expanse of the United States. Yet, curiously, there are entire states that the antique hunters have passed up. Whether a matter of intent or inconvenience, leave it to the internet to figure out why the pickers avoid these states.

Roughly a year ago, an “American Pickers” fan took to Reddit in an attempt to bring some transparency to the places Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have avoided over the years. The Redditor makes a point of saying that the list is composed of places that haven’t been visited on the show. Mike and Frank’s personal travels very well may have taken them on journeys to the seemingly shunned states.

That being said, some of the states on the list jump out immediately. Mike Wolfe told CBS Sunday Morning that he drives up to 70,000 miles for the sake of his profession in any given year. Even still, there are places like Hawaii, where he couldn’t take his van even if he wanted to. It’s also a relatively tiny place with a small population. So it makes sense the tourist destination is at the top of the list for places “American Pickers” likely won’t visit any time soon.

For the same reason, sparsely populated Alaska doesn’t make a ton of sense as a hot spot for snagging antique goods. But what about the states in the continental United States? What excuse do the pickers have for turning their noses up at them? Well, there’s a general rule Mike Wolfe observes that has worked out pretty well for him thus far.

Why Hasn’t ‘American Pickers’ Visited These Otherwise Great States?

It’s not as simple as a single rule. But underlying most of Wolfe’s geographical choices throughout his antique picking career is the simple fact that the United States is a young country. The further west one travels, the fewer valuable antiques one is likely to encounter. This helps to explain why Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana haven’t been checked off the pickers’ list.

The other big reasons? Climate and population density. Apparently, the dry, hot climate of the Southwestern United States is a nightmare for the lifespan of antique valuables. This isn’t going to preclude “American Pickers” from venturing to Utah and Nevada at some point in the future, though. After all, some collectors work hard to preserve antiques in any climate.

As far as Nebraska, Montana, and Wyoming go, well, the Redditor suggests that the show hasn’t ventured out here because there are so few people spread out across the wide expanses of these states. They’re an efficiency nightmare.

That brings us to the most curious of all the snubbed states—Delaware. There’s really no good reason that the “American Pickers” crew hasn’t wound up filming in The First State. But hey, it’s a pretty big country. Maybe they’ll get around it.