‘American Pickers’ Fans Divided Over Danielle Colby’s New Statement on Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz

by Megan Molseed

The “Queen of Rust” took to Instagram this morning to show her excitement about being on the road with her “American Pickers” costar Mike Wolfe.

“Out on the road again with my best friend and my big brother whose I support fully and stand behind,” said Danielle Colby on the Monday afternoon post. “Thank you for the last decade of advocacy towards myself and others on set.”

The post was a sweet shout-out to her fellow picker. However, Danielle added a bit more to the Instagram statement.

I’m truly saddened for the loss of Frank on the show,” the History Channel star said. “I’m incredibly sad for his struggles. I have personally watched everything over the last decade.”

Danielle went on to say that she is happy Frank is seeking help where he needs it, but her goal was to keep her comments positive.

“I truly hope Frank receives all the help he needs to become well after years of being unwell,” she said. “It is not my place to speak Ill of someone who needs help so I will keep my comments uplifting.”

It wasn’t long before Danielle Colby’s Instagram followers and “American Pickers” fans decided to weigh in.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Speak Out

One commenter noted that the post seemed to make an already confusing situation a little more hard to understand.

“Well that cleared that all up, definitely doesn’t start a whole new bunch of speculation at all or put Mike in a weird position,” the commenter wrote.

Another poster simply focused on one thing: the return of Frank to the History channel series.

“Bring Frank back!” wrote @vintageinfocus.

While the opinions people had in response to Colby’s post were made quite clear, most were supportive of the cast of the show, including former host Frank Fritz.

@gregorysmith9853 wrote “Here’s to Frank. I’m hoping that he gets past his personal issues soon. Mike and Danielle, I’m looking forward to another great year of Pickers. Take care of each other and be safe.”

While @paulymc77 wrote “I’m a huge fan of the show………I’m a massive fan of ALL the personalities on the show……….I really do hope whatever Frank is going through he finds the right path out of it……..I hope the rest of you continue to look after yourselves & each other………You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!”

Last month, it was officially announced that longtime “American Pickers” cohost, Frank Fritz would not be returning in the show’s most recent season. Since the announcement, Fritz has been forthcoming about his recent battle with alcohol addiction as well as recent surgeries. According to the former host, he was fired from “American Pickers.” He has said that he would be willing to return, should he be given the opportunity.