‘American Pickers’ Fans Share Their Unique Experiences at Mike Wolfe’s Stores ‘Antique Archaeology’

by Katie Maloney

“American Pickers” fans are well aware that star Mike Wolfe owns two real life antique shops.

The stores are located in Le Claire, Iowa and Nashville, Tennessee. The shops contain some of Wolfe’s best picks. And there are even some items that eagle-eyed fans will recognize from past episodes of “American Pickers.” So, do we have you wondering what Mike Wolfe’s antique shops are like yet? Well, wonder no more. No, we can’t transport you to the shop. But we do have the next best thing: details from real-life fans who have visited the stores.

Fans Share Their Experiences At Mike Wolfe’s Antique Shops

One fan shared that their mom got more than she bargained for (in the best of ways) when she visited Wolfe’s shop in Le Claire, Iowa.

“My parents went to the store in Iowa. Mike happened to be there that day. They weren’t filming for the show, but some German film crew was there filming a documentary. Mike was talking to the crew (they weren’t filming) and he saw my mom taking a picture of him and he stopped her and said, ‘That’s not a good picture. Come here and we’ll get a good one,'” wrote an “American Pickers” fan via a Reddit thread. “He took her phone and gave it to another customer in the store and asked them to take a picture of him and my mom.”

The fan added that Mike Wolfe even chatted with the woman about her hometown.

“He then talked to her for 10-15 minutes asking where she was from. When he found out she was from St. Louis he started talking about his favorite areas of St. Louis (Soulard being one of them),” added the fan. “She said he was really nice and it was a great experience.”

Another fan visited Mike Wolfe’s shop in Nashville. The fan confirmed that antiques from episodes of the show can, in fact, be found in the shop.

“I went a couple months ago to the Nashville location. It is pretty small but if you have watched the show for a long time you will see quite a few products in there from the show,” wrote the “American Pickers” fan. “There are also quite a few shops in the same old building. We had a good time stopping on our way to Gatlinburg.”

Will Mike Wolfe Ever Host An International Version Of ‘American Pickers’?

Obviously, people love “American Pickers.” And for good reason, the show highlights some of the most interesting people and antiques in the country. But would Mike Wolfe ever consider expanding past country lines? How cool would it be to watch Mike Wolfe and his crew backpack across Europe picking for antiques? Well, according to this interview from 2011, we’re not the only ones who have thought about this idea.

“We have talked about it,” said Wolfe. “The History Channel is now filming ‘Canadian Pickers’, which will be shown on History Canada. They show ‘American Pickers’ on History Canada now.”

Mike Wolfe added that he actually named his show “American Pickers” with the hope that it would one day spread to other locations.

“One reason why I came up with this name and format for the show was so it can be done elsewhere. History Channel owns the name and the show so it can be delivered in any country,” said Wolfe. “I don’t know how far they’ll take it.”