‘American Pickers’ Fans Sound Off on Show’s ‘Set-Up’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage/Getty Images)

“American Pickers” draws a lot of criticism and thoughts from the show’s fans. Some of them sounded off recently about its current state.

We should say that “American Pickers” has been one of The History Channel’s most popular shows throughout its run.

Host Mike Wolfe, who also serves as an executive producer, still roams around antique and collectible shops. These days, though, he’s doing that with a new host, Danielle Colby. Frank Fritz, who had been with the show since its start, was fired by the network over this summer.

But these fans went on a recent Reddit thread to chat it up about how the show and its “set-up”. The thread’s title? “Why are people still watching this show” and here come the answers.

The initial thread poster wrote, “It’s been set up for years. They have people go to sites and pick out things they think Mike and Frank would like to see if it was worth going to the place. Haven’t watched in a while, but Mike bailing on Frank is pretty jank if you ask me. Everyone has their problems, but true friends don’t cut supposedly lifelong friends out of their lives, especially if they were struggling. Mike had been getting his brother in for the past few years and he’s one of the reasons I stopped watching. Sounds like Patrick from SpongeBob. No personality.”

‘American Pickers’ Viewers Write About Watching, Not Watching It

Another Redditor followed and wrote, “I’m quitting the show over the breakup….it had 9 good years, but I think I’ve seen enough.”

Yet another fan of “American Pickers” chirped up and wrote, “TV Shows have producers? No way!”

Meanwhile, this fan sounded off big-time about what has been happening on there.

“Bro just like pawn stars and storage wars, They’re all going to be staged to a degree but they’re entertaining … and they inspire me to get my pickin on And create another stream of income which has happened but not quit my 9 to 5 type income,” according to this Redditor.

“And plus mike and Frank know their s–t when it comes to vintage American antiques, it’s cool to hear them sound off on a particular item and go in on the history of it. Frank with the cans and mike with the bikes, it’s great. Yea the newer episodes you do get the vibe Mike’s bro is overtaking Frank’s spot but I mean would you not help your fam out if you could with that type of opportunity? They’re all multi-millionaires on that show. I don’t see antique archaeology going anywhere anytime soon.”

Antique Archaeology is Wolfe’s business that appears on “American Pickers”. Catch the show’s new season right now on The History Channel.