‘American Pickers’ Fans Want Producers to Give Frank Fritz ‘Another Chance’

by Clayton Edwards

American Pickers fans noticed that Frank Fritz wasn’t in the last few episodes of season 21. Then, when season 22 started, he was still absent. This summer we learned that he was out of the show permanently. Instead of Frank, Mike Wolfe put his brother Robbie in the passenger seat. This didn’t sit well with many fans of the show. However, they let it slide after about a month of bombarding Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby, and the show’s social media posts with comments about Frank.

Now, the American Pickers team is gearing up to film season 23 of the show. Recently, the show’s Facebook page shared a photo of Mike Wolfe along with a message about where they would be and what they were looking for. Additionally, the post asked fans to contact the show’s producers if they had a private collection Mike and Robbie could pick. The fans gave some insight, alright. However, most of that insight was on how they felt about the show moving forward without Frank Fritz.

Many American Pickers fans took to the comment section of the post to say they were more than ready to have Frank Fritz back on the show. In fact, many said they no longer watch the series because it feels like the magic is gone.

One fan wrote, “Give Frank another chance. A lot of people miss him.” Another noted that they “couldn’t watch” the show without Frank Fritz. One American Pickers fan truly summed up the argument for Fritz’s return. “Lost interest in it. Frank & Mike together [were] more interesting. Don’t care for his brother. Not watching any longer.”

Finally, one fan decided to engage their caps lock to yell into the comments section. “[BRING] BACK FRANK FRITZ THERE’S NOTHING THAT CAN’T BE FIXED MIKE QUIT ACTING LIKE A KID YOU 2 MAKE UP.”

Will Frank Fritz Return to ‘American Pickers’?

Unfortunately, we probably won’t see Frank Fritz back in the American Pickers van any time soon. The fans may want him back on the show. However, it sounds like Frank has washed his hands of the situation as well as Mike Wolfe.

Over the summer, Frank Fritz spoke to The Sun about exiting the show. During that interview, he talked about how the show was more about Mike than anybody else. Additionally, he unleashed a profanity-laden rant about how poorly he felt he was treated by Wolfe as well as the show’s producers.

In reality, this leaves fans with two questions. First and foremost, will American Pickers producers give Frank Fritz another chance? Then, we have to wonder if Fritz wants a second chance on the show or if he’d rather strike out on his own and get out of Wolfe’s long shadow.