‘American Pickers’ Fans Weigh In on Their Favorite Episodes

by Joe Rutland

There are a lot of “American Pickers” fans who watch the show all the time. What might be some of their favorite episodes?

Glad you asked. Outsiders know one place to go and share opinions happens to be Reddit. That platform did not disappoint as a Reddit thread titled “What is/are some of your favorite episodes?” breaks it down.

“American Pickers” fan and Redditor butterfly5828 wrote, “I’m currently watching the one where they decorate William Shatner’s house and realizing this may be my favorite.” butterfly5828 also wrote, “I also favor the earlier one where Danny goes picking and Frank is in the office.”

Danny is Danielle Colby, who has worked in co-host Mike Wolfe’s office for a number of years. Frank is Frank Fritz, who was a co-host on the show before being let go this summer.

‘American Pickers’ Fan Expressed Support for Danielle Colby

Speaking of Danielle, this “American Pickers” fan, elantra1, speaks highly of her in sharing her favorite episodes.

“Season 3, episode 2 is my very favorite so far,” elantra1 wrote. “Im watching from the beginning on Hulu. I used (to) watch this show with my pawpaw and it grew my love for antiques and my pawpaw’s collection of things.” The “American Pickers” fan continued, “Now as a woke-a– Black woman, I’m a bit annoyed with the way Danielle is treated or the need to comment on each woman’s appearance when departing a pick. I know they love her but they need site on her more.”

She also wrote, “That being said, in this episode, I like when Frank and Mike learned to appreciate Danielle and her role at the store. She’s FIRE! I would watch a different show with her in it. It’s also super cool to learn more about her and see her interact with Mike more.”

Redditor Kb9156 simply wrote, “Season 2, episode 11.” Finally, Xdegenerate wrote, “Remember that episode where they found a bunch of signs and bought them?”

“American Pickers” rolls on as part of The History Channel lineup. Catch episodes on History on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central.

Wolfe Talked About Getting Inspiration for Leiper’s Fork Building

Wolfe built a building in Leiper’s Fork, Tenn. It’s an impressive building, but what inspired him to do this type?

He talked about it in a 2016 interview with the TV show “Small Town Big Deal.”

“When I first started doing this about 27 years ago, it just seemed like every other building I was in was a Morton building,” Wolfe said. “All the things that are in here are special to me in one way or another because I come across so much stuff. So I wanted to build something that could house those things.”