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‘American Pickers’ Favorite Hobo Jack Has Published Multiple Books

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

One of the best characters on American Pickers has to be Hobo Jack. Fans love when Jack comes on picks, but he isn’t just a picker. While his real name is Jack Sophir, he has earned a couple of nicknames. Hobo Jack, Backwoods Jack, either is fine by him.

Although he has gained fame out on picks with Mike Wolfe and the rest of the American Pickers, Hobo Jack has written a number of books. Under his name, Jack Sophir, he has authored the series, Amazing Adventures of The Tramp Prince. There are a number of books in the sereis and possibly more to come.

The Tramp Prince series is not autobiographical, Hobo Jack’s life has influenced parts of the books. Some people he has known through his life have inspired characters and other parts of the series. The genre, according to the author, philosophic fantasy.

For a comparison, Jack compares it to The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland, but they are not fairy tale books. Sophir said to The Telegraph, “It’s done with a realistic focus.”

With a historic setting in the early 1900s, the book is a tale about one young man’s journey. The main character has to find a new home after his family loses their farm.

He doesn’t avoid political messages either. There are points of the book that shed a light on health, human and animal rights, government, and injustice in general.

“There are many political and life messages mixed with a wide range of human fantasy and fallacy,” Hobo Jack said about the series.

‘American Pickers’: Historic Homes for Mike Wolfe

For Mike Wolfe, the love for all things historic and old doesn’t just stop at items he buys and flips on picks. The star of American Pickers loves old houses. So much so, he has almost always lived in historic homes. Back in Le Claire, Iowa, Wolfe spent time in not just one, but two old riverboat pilot’s homes from the mid-1800s.

Although his neighbors thought he was crazy for buying the first one, he loved the old house. Restoring an old house can be rewarding. With an old staircase and pine floors, Wolfe was awe-inspired by the house. However, he sold the first one just to move into another old riverboat pilot’s house. Finally, he bought an old storefront in the same town and that’s where he lived with his family for quite some time.

While houses aren’t like car parts and old bicycles, one can understand why the American Pickers star loves them so much. There aren’t many old homes out there anymore and they seem to be disappearing by the day. All it takes is one person to really invest and take the time to care for the house. That’s what will make