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‘American Pickers’ Star Frank Fritz Once Gave Sage Advice For Antique Pickers: ‘Condition, Condition, Condition’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

Even though Frank Fritz is no longer on American Pickers, he still has a stunning reputation in the antiquing world. Besides his role in helping host Mike Wolfe with one-of-a-kind purchases, he also runs his own antique shop called Frank Fritz Finds in Savanna, Illinois. Not to mention, he has a net worth of over $6 million, so if he has insider knowledge of the picking world, you’ll want to write it down.

According to the former American Pickers star, the element that matters most when looking for collectibles is condition. Just as “location, location, location” is the mantra of the real estate industry, “condition, condition, condition” is the adage of the picking world. While collectibles come in all shapes and sizes, the value truly lies in how well the item stands against the test of time.

Of course, there are almost always manners in which you can bring life back into the antique, as we’ve seen Fritz and Wolfe do time and again on American Pickers. A bit of rust is by no means a death sentence for a valuable item so long as the nature of the piece is still intact.

Take for instance the many bikes and cars that the American Pickers pair has saved from the confines of an unsuspecting owner’s garage. More times than not, these vehicles have seen better days – ones without cobwebs or bird nests. With the help of a few professionals, Wolfe and Fritz have brought out the original beauty in these rare pieces of American history and still manage to make a profit off of them. But for those that don’t have access to restoration shops, your best bet is finding something that needs minimal repairs.

‘American Pickers’ Star Says He’s Still the Same Guy Off-Air

Before Fritz left American Pickers, he theorized to Hoopla Now that he would be living the same life when the show was over as he did when he was a star. Unfortunately, Fritz never imagined leaving the show early. Still, the former reality TV star seemed to think that he would always be the same guy – fame or no fame.

“When the show goes off the air, I’ll still be the same guy, living in the same house and driving the same truck,” Fritz shared with the publication.

Given that the star still mans his shop in Illinois, it seems that Fritz’s statement holds true. Even without Wolfe and the History channel, Fritz is enjoying the same life as before, venturing out for new collectibles and living the same modest life. Though fans of American Pickers surely miss Wolfe’s partner-in-picks, they can take solace in the fact that Fritz never necessarily needed the spotlight in the first place.