‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz is the Godfather of Mike Wolfe’s Brother Robbie’s Twins

by Megan Molseed

With all of the discord surrounding American Pickers star Mike Wolfe and his now-former American Pickers co-host, Frank Fritz, it can be easy to forget just how close the two were before – and during – much of the popular show’s eleven-year run.

The longtime hosts of the wildly popular History Channel hit reality show made history when it premiered in 2010. The two Pickers found instant success starring in the History channel show known for its unique premise: two buddies traveling across the country, searching for treasures in other people’s junk.

The show, which was dreamed up by Mike Wolfe after collecting antiques across the globe for several years, was an immediate smash hit. And, part of what made American Pickers work so well those first few years was the bond between the two hosts.

Both Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have known each other since childhood. The two met when they while attending eighth grade in an Iowa small town. The two became so close, in fact, that each became a core member of the other’s family life.

Fritz was even asked by Mike Wolfe’s own brother Robbie, to become godfather into his twin daughters.

“My brother has five kids, and Frank is the godfather to his twin girls,” the American Pickers host said in a 2019 interview with YouTube’s Vegas Film Critic.

Over the years, the two hosts made a living driving from state to state. Quite literally from sea to shining sea. Both Wolfe and Fritz shot to stardom as they were filmed stopping wherever they could to sort through a variety of junkyards, basements, attics, backyards, barns; and even a few mysterious tunnels.

All in search of some awesomely valuable and rare finds.

‘American Pickers’ Hosts Continued Thier Longtime Friendship Through Multiple Seasons

Wolfe notes that by the time American Pickers became series, the two television show hosts had been friends for several years.

“By the time the show hit I was forty-five years old, and he was forty-six years old,” Wolfe explained.

“You kind of have a sense of who you are you think in life but when something like this happens it tests that,” the American Pickers star continued.

Wolfe added that the time he and his American Pickers star spent, traveling across the country together; filming the popular television show, was an experience that has meant a lot to each of them.

“He’s been like family to us,” Wolfe continued of his then co-host.

Since his exit from the show, Frank Fritz has asserted that his longtime friend hasn’t spoken to him since 2019. However, Wolfe spoke kindly of their time hosting together on American Pickers.

“It’s nice to have gone through the experience together,” Wolfe noted of his time co-hosting American Pickers with Fritz.

“I can’t say that neither of us has changed,” he said. “We both have changed obviously, with the experience that we’ve gone through together.”