‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz Had Series of Odd Jobs Before Landing Gig on Show

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

Before American Pickers made Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz household names, they had to work other jobs. Frank in particular had an interesting profession prior to being on television. The profession in question also influenced a lot of his picking interests as well. When it was more of a hobby than a profession, he loved oil cans, other small items, and anything fire-related.

Yes, back before the fame and the show, Frank worked as a hearth/fire inspector. Basically, his job was to check on potential fire hazards and make sure buildings were up to code and other tasks. During this time, Frank developed a deep love for firehouse-related items. So, he started to pick those items. Fans of the earlier American Pickers seasons will notice his eyes go wide when there is something fire-related up for grabs.

That includes old advertising, old uniforms, even old firetruck toys. If there is a connection there, Frank is going to want it. Viewers relate heavily to that feeling. Many rural areas rely on volunteer fire departments and it can be a very personal topic for a community. Over the years he also owned his own store, Frank Fritz Finds. He opened that store in 2002 in Illinois. He has also taken his knowledge and talent to the page. Fritz has written books on picking in general and one specifically on motorcycles.

Frank Fritz Falling Out with ‘American Pickers’

By now, most fans know that Frank Fritz is no longer with the American Pickers show. In fact, Mike Wolfe and Fritz have not spoken to one another in over two years. Now that is quite the falling out. There have been a number of reasons that have explained why the rift has been made. However, viewers are just upset that there is no more Frank on the show.

While Mike Wolfe has been making the most out of American Pickers since Fritz left, some fans still comment about the absence. There have been other guests and friends join Wolfe on his adventures. Danielle Colby has been working other locations and picking spots of her own. That has led to more great items being found even if Wolfe isn’t the one finding them.

For the first time since his departure, Fritz did make a slight appearance on a recent episode. Although it was in a flashback, fans appreciated the memory. Maybe this means that things are easing up between the two parties, or perhaps it is time to just move on. Only time will tell if the American Pickers original duo gets back together.