‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz Living His Best Life in New Photos After Firing

by Amy Myers

Once a reality star is no longer on our favorite show, it’s like they disappear from the public eye completely. Whether that’s to get some much-needed privacy or perhaps to pursue other interests, fans always want to know what happens once these stars leave the cameras behind. For former American Pickers star Frank Fritz, his exit from the show wasn’t his choice.

As it turned out, the History Channel fired the co-host from the American antiques show when he stepped away to recover from back surgery and attend rehab for his alcohol addiction. At one point, he even spent 77 days in a rehabilitation center. Since his split with the show, the 57-year-old has continued working on his physical and mental health. In fact, as of July this year, the former reality star has been sober for 11 months.

His newfound sobriety isn’t the only positive change in Fritz’s life, either. Recently, the former American Pickers star posted several photos of himself with two fans, looking leaner and healthier than ever. The fans visited Fritz at his shop, Frank Fritz Finds, in Illinois. According to an interview with The Sun, the reality star lost a total of 65 pounds since exiting the show. However, the healthier lifestyle didn’t come about just for the sake of looking good. Fritz revealed that his health condition inspired him to prioritize his wellbeing.

Check out the photos of Fritz’s frame here.

‘American Pickers’ Star Details Battle with Crohn’s Disease During Weight Loss Mission

As fellow Crohn’s disease patients well know, the condition can make you feel down-right miserable if not properly managed. Once Fritz no longer had the show to worry about, he decided to focus his energy on his body and treatment of the inflammatory bowel disease.

“The weight loss is me watching what I’m eating so I can keep my disease under control the best I can. I’m just eating healthy,” the American Pickers celebrity explained. “After a while, I started watching what I’m doing, and I’m doing a little bit more walking. I keep pretty busy around here too, taking care of the grass and getting rid of the weeds.”

Those small yet crucial changes created a snowball effect, ultimately resulting in a healthier life for Fritz. Besides monitoring his weight and internal ailment, the American Pickers star is also maintaining his sobriety. That, in turn, helps him keep the pounds off.

“Not drinking helps with the weight loss because when you drink, you eat. I’m not dieting,” Fritz noted.

Without leaving American Pickers, it’s not clear whether Fritz would have become as adamant as he is about his health today. Although the star surely misses the show, it’s possible that the exit was a blessing in disguise.