‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz Made an Appearance in a Popular Animated Series

by Clayton Edwards

Frank Fritz didn’t step away from American Pickers many times before he left the show for good. When he did, it was to appear on talk shows like Rachael Ray or The Late Show with David Letterman. He also appeared on shows like American Restoration and Pawn Stars. However, he was always there representing the American Pickers brand. One credit stands out among those, though. He made a single, short appearance on the hit animated comedy American Dad!, even then, he played himself.

Frank Fritz played himself in the animated series. However, his voice acting skills were pretty good. In fact, maybe he could transition to doing more voiceover work now that he is finished with American Pickers. He seems to have a good sense of humor and his voice works well for a cartoon character. Check out the clip here to see for yourself.

The clip is just under three minutes long and Frank Fritz’s appearance is over by the end of the first minute. However, his appearance has an effect on the rest of the episode.

Frank Fritz On American Dad!

Frank Fritz only has four lines in his brief animated cameo. However, his interaction with Stan Smith sets up a subplot that goes on for most of the rest of the episode.

Stan Sees Frank Fritz at a wedding and excitedly pushes his way through the church pews to stand directly behind him. Getting Frank’s attention, Stan says, “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be a bother, but aren’t you on American Pickers? You’re the fat guy!”

Frank stands up to greet his overzealous fan, “I sure am!” he replies. Stan gushes over how much he loves the show. He says that he loves how they find “Old peoples’ valuable stuff that they forgot about and drive off with it,” before saying that his dream is to be an American Picker.

Frank Frits informs him that he doesn’t have to dream because anyone can be a picker. Stan doesn’t believe him at first. Then, at his fan’s urging, Frank “knights,” Stan as an American Picker.

Stan runs excitedly out of the church and Frank Fritz’s appearance is finished. However, his influence sticks around until the end of the episode. Stan quits his job at the CIA and starts “picking.” At one point, he “finds,” an armload of copper wire in his neighbor’s house.

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe have both appeared in one-off appearances on popular shows. Mike, however, is still on American Pickers. It would be interesting to see Frank revive his career as an actor in some kind of non-reality series. After all, he spent a decade building a fan base and they’d like to see him on the screen, even if he isn’t in the van with Mike.