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‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz Officially Removed From the Show’s Website

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Frank Fritz officially left American Pickers late last month. He confirmed his departure in an interview with The Sun. Then, Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby opened up about it on social media.

For his part, Frank Fritz seems to accept how things are. He is moving on with his life. Fans of the show, however, still want Fritz back in the van with Wolfe. Just look at any social media post from American Pickers‘ official accounts and you’ll see comments from disgruntled fans. Many say the show isn’t the same. In fact, a good portion o the fans say they’ll stop watching the show now that Frank is gone.

Because of this backlash, many were hoping that the History Channel as well as the American Pickers producers would see the error of their ways and try to get Frank Fritz back on the show. However, the show’s website might contain the killing blow for any hope that fans had left that Frank would return.

For starters, the landing page of the American Pickers website features a photo of Mike and Dani. Frank Fritz is nowhere to be seen. However, the biggest letdown comes when you visit the “Bios” section of the site. That page only features two bios – Mike and Dani.

So, it appears that American Pickers has completely purged Frank Fritz. Somehow, this feels more final than when the three stars of the show separately announced his departure.

There is a good chance that this will be what makes many fans walk away from American Pickers. Many cited the chemistry between Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe as the reason that they watched the show. Currently, Mike either works solo or with a revolving cast of guest-pickers. Some are still curious as to who will take over for Frank.

Frank Fritz’s Final Episode of American Pickers

Frank Fritz co-starred on American Pickers for a decade. In fact, he is in all of the episodes from the first twenty seasons. He left during the filming of season 21. However, he is in all but eight of those episodes. The final one to feature Fritz was “Burlesque Queen,” it is the 13th episode of the season and aired in March of last year.

However, Frank Fritz actually left the show long before that. The episodes are filmed far in advance. In fact, last month, Fritz said that he and Mike Wolfe hadn’t spoken to one another in over two years. Wolfe didn’t contact his former partner in picking once while he was recovering from back surgery.

So, Frank Fritz might be gone from the new episodes as well as the series’ website. However, there are plenty of episodes left for those who tuned in mainly to see the banter between Mike and Frank.