‘American Pickers’: Full Recap of Season 22 ‘Secrets of the Hotel’ Episode

by John Jamison

Mike Wolfe is a true antique hustler. On the most recent episode of “American Pickers,” he picked up an Abraham Lincoln statue from a woman who claimed her late husband would never sell. Meanwhile, Danielle and Robbie explored what a storied Kentucky hotel had to offer. It’s a new era for the fan-favorite antique show, like it or not.

Season 22 of “American Pickers” has seen all sorts of drama stemming from the revelation that Frank Fritz won’t be returning to the show. Yet, with all of that going on, new episodes continue to air on the History channel. It’s a mixed bag for fans. Many are disappointed in the way things went down with Frank but can’t resist tuning in for some top-notch picking action.

Episode 22, which aired Monday night, certainly didn’t disappoint. Toward the end of the episode, titled “Secrets of the Hotel,” Mike Wolfe spotted something peculiar out of the corner of his eye. It was an old bust of Abraham Lincoln.

Berta, the woman who called Mike up in the first place, said the statue belonged to her late husband. But she qualified her remarks by claiming he “would never sell that.” And it turns out Berta and her late husband picked the statue in true Mike Wolfe fashion. They visited a farm in Pennsylvania where they found it in a barn and made an offer.

Whatever the case, Mike Wolfe fell in love with it.

“It’s a piece of art and if it’s a known artist, then obviously it’s gonna command more money. Without seeing the back of it and being able to read it and being legible, it’s difficult to navigate that part of it,” Wolfe said in the episode.

Berta countered the initial offer of $500 with $700, and Mike was sold.

What Items Does ‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Sell Most at His Stores?

One-of-a-kind Abraham Lincoln statues are an awesome find. But Mike Wolfe is only going to be able to sell it once. It raises the question, what kinds of items at Antique Archaeology sell most? Is it collections of those old signs he’s constantly on the lookout for? Old bikes, perhaps?

It may shock you to learn that the best-selling items at his antique stores aren’t antiques at all. But given the status of “American Pickers,” it’s not all that surprising that they struggle to keep their merchandise on the shelves.

“Ninety percent of our sales are clothing, so all of a sudden I’m in the clothing business. I’m looking at what we’re making for spring. I’m looking at hard goods, soft goods…I just learned recently that our number-one-selling shirt doesn’t have our logo on it,” Mike Wolfe told Fast Company in 2015.