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‘American Pickers’: Here Are Some ‘Insanely Cool Items’ Found During the ‘Radioactive Rust’ Episode

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images)

The folks over at American Pickers are traversing across the country still looking for the best rusty gold Americana they can find. Their latest pick took them to South Carolina. Mike Wolfe and friend Jersey Jon found quite the pick when they got out of the van.

Danielle sent the guys to Jim’s farm out in The Palmetto State. A retired military surgeon who speaks 8 languages and collects Volkswagens? Yeah, that’s right up Mike’s alley. As they pull up to the farm, Jim and his son and best friend are fixing up an old Ford and from right there it is on.

The first building the American Pickers walked into was filled with military and Volkswagen equipment. An old medical truck with the big red crosses all over it, a 1970s Beatle he’s had since college, and a VW Thing sat fully restored in the garage. Those things weren’t for sale though.

So, they moved on to the things that were for sale. Starting with a Volkswagen dealership sign. Not only that, but tons of still packaged dealership parts and pieces. Then, Mike had his eye on some fenders and other parts which he took for $675. Later, Jim took the American Pickers back to a VW Karmann Ghia. The baby blue vehicle was original and Mike wanted it, so he got it. Watch Mike get Jim down to the right price, here.

American Pickers Find East KY Treasures

While Mike and Jersey were trying to pry Volkswagen parts off Jim and his son, Robbie and Danielle got things going in Eastern Kentucky. As they discussed the pick, the pair noted that his collection is mostly smalls. However, small items are sometimes harder to find and more valuable.

Kendall King, the owner, brought Danielle into his house, and all over were marbles. In fact, those are King’s favorite items to collect. English swirls were his favorite. Unfortunately, the American Pickers aren’t in the business of marbles. Thankfully though, Kendall’s wife Ann collected far more.

His late wife had all kinds of knick-knacks and other items. A chalk-wear donkey with “3rd Term Roosevelt 1940” on the side caught Robbie’s eyes immediately. After offering $130, King hit right back with $150, asking “What did you pay for the last one you bought?” To which Robbie replied, “I haven’t had one before.” Kendall got $150 in the end.

Throughout the house, Robbie started to buy some advertising including a 1920s children’s shoe sign. Robbie took it home for $600 However, the American Pickers would be floored by the collection they saw next. A massive collection of radioactive glass. Perfume bottles, decorative glasses, and more all glowing from exposure to a blacklight. The quality of the glass was astounding and the two knew they had to have some.

By the time the two were done, Kendall King had plenty of money in his pocket and the American Pickers came away with a lot of great small items. Eastern Kentucky proved to be worth the trip for Danielle and Robbie.