‘American Pickers’: Here’s Frank Fritz’s Most Paused Moment on the Show

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

“American Pickers” draws in fans across the country with the stars’ most interesting and compelling finds. Those picks tend to be the most drawing aspect of the History Channel show. Although, some of our host’s and cohost’s special moments pull some major draw during its time on air. Now, more than a year after former cohost Frank Fritz’ departure from the hit show, we’ve found the collector’s most paused moment.

According to Looper, Fritz’ most paused moment came during his very last episode on “American Pickers.” The outlet stated that, prior to his 2020 departure, things between Mike Wolfe and Fritz remained friendly, an impressive feat considering 20 seasons of production.

However, “Burlesque Queen” debuted as the former costar’s final episode. And though we didn’t know it at the time, it served as the final marker in Fritz’s “American Pickers” career. The outlet stated the episode itself did not cause reason for alarm, although events following definitely did.

The next episode of “American Pickers,” entitled, “Cruisin,'” did not feature Fritz at all. From there, word went public that the hit History Channel show had fired the former costar. They had unceremoniously kicked him from the cast.

The result? An ongoing feud that sees “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby continuing to speak out about colleagues and their “huge egos.”

The perspective, however, surrounding the feud is interesting. Mike Wolfe seems to stand by his initial cordiality regarding Fritz’s departure from the show. Colby appears wrapped up in whatever issues came between the former costar and the cast. And Frank Fritz has openly criticized Wolfe for putting on a positive front while the former claims the “American Pickers” star hasn’t reached out or checked in on him in two years.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Enraged By Fritz’ Firing

Remember those big egos I mentioned before? Considering Danielle Colby’s comment came during ongoing reports regarding Frank Fritz’s involvement, or lack thereof, in “American Pickers,” there’s no surprise if the star was referencing her former costar.

During a virtual sit-down with “The Sailor Jerry Podcast,” the “American Pickers” star said, “In the entertainment industry, that ego gets so real so fast.” While Fritz hasn’t publicly added to the feud surrounding “American Pickers” recently, perhaps the comment came following negative responses from viewers.

Earlier this month, fans expressed major criticism toward the hit show as they were still featuring Frank Fritz-inspired products within their online shop.

One fan wrote about the merchandise, “I think it’s time to boycott American Pickers. It really bothers me they kicked Frank to the curb. With friends like that who needs enemies.” Ouch. Other came to the former costar’s defense with, “I think you should leave Frank alone!! Trying to make money on him after you fired him!!!”

Overall, things don’t look all bright and cheery over on “American Pickers.” For the latest developments, be sure to check back here.