‘American Pickers’: Here’s How Much Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz Paid for Two Rare Nash Healey Cars

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage)

For years the American Pickers have had a knack for finding valuable treasure almost anywhere they go. Touring across the country searching through any attic, garage, backyard, or junkyard they can, the Pickers search tirelessly as they dig to discover that “perfect find.”

Sometimes, these finds are easy; with the property owners wanting to get rid of the clutter that has taken over their space.

Other times, however, the American Pickers have had to name a steep price in order to convince the sellers to part with the items.

This happened during one season thirteen episode of American Pickers.

In this episode, the American Picker hosts met with a father-son partnership in Pikeville, North Carolina. After discovering two rare Nash Healey vehicles during this pick, the hosts began to haggle.

The discussions include quite a bit of negotiation and some off-to-the-side conversations. However, the Pickers ended up heading home with their finds nearly $50,000.

‘American Pickers’ Finds Treasures In An Old Car Shop

The father, Bobby Collier had operated a car shop called Collier Motors for a number of years. The son, Robby joined his father’s business nearly a decade after opening.

Now, the business owners were looking to pair down. So, the duo invited the American Pickers to come to have a look at their collection. Hoping the Pickers find something in their antique inventory they would like to buy.

Once Mike and Frank arrived at the property, the hosts set out to find some vehicles they would like to buy.

Mike Wolfe discovered a 1954 grey Nash Healey. This find was extra interesting to the Pickers star because it came with the car’s original motor as well as the original drivetrain.

As the American Pickers continued searching the property, they discovered yet another Nash Healey. This one was partially hidden in the brush that had overtaken the North Carolina property over the years.

Unlike the other find, however, this vehicle had a unique blend of a variety of car parts. Mike Wolfe even dubbed the find as “a patchwork quilt of awesomeness.”

Mike and Frank Haggle For a Fair Price

While both vehicles had certainly seen better days, the American Pickers stars soon recognized that the Nash Healey’s were special to the father-son team.

The duo set a starting price of $30,000 for each vehicle, as is.

While the American Pickers hosts were interested in the vehicles, this price was quite steep for the collectors.

They decided to counter the Colliers price with a variety of offers ranging within the $18,000 and the $25,000 range, per vehicle.

Eventually, the American Pickers decided they could go as high as offering $21,000 for the red Nash Healey and $25,000 for the grey one. Eventually, the men shook More specifically, the two decided they’d be willing to spend $25,000 for the grey vehicle and $21,000 for the red one.