‘American Pickers’: Here’s How to Watch the Show Without Cable

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage)

The latest season of “American Pickers” is airing right now. Anyone with a cable subscription can catch it on the History channel, but what if you’ve canceled your cable?

The trend is growing more and more popular nowadays, especially with peoples’ favorite shows appearing on different streaming platforms. Viewers can take their pick of small monthly subscriptions that add up to a lot less than a monthly cable bill. But some shows are just notoriously hard to find online.

Unfortunately, “American Pickers” seems to be one of them. At least in terms of the latest seasons.

Though, if viewers want to catch up on previous seasons, then they’re in luck. The first four seasons are available on Hulu, while the last 15 seasons (Seasons 5-20) are available on Peacock. Both streaming services cost $6 or less per month on their most basic plan.

But last year’s season (21) and the one currently airing (22) are a bit trickier to find. The History Channel has every episode of every season available to watch on their website. However, you need to sign in with a cable subscription or TV provider to access them, which defeats the purpose for cable-cutters.

Otherwise, several streaming services offer cable-like subscriptions for their users at a much cheaper price. Hulu Live TV, for example, carries several channels including the History Channel for $64.99 per month. Users can find a similar set-up with Sling TV ($35), FuboTV ($65), Philo TV ($25), and others.

Not willing to sign up for a new subscription? Give it a couple of months, and the latest “American Pickers” season is sure to show up on Hulu or Peacock as a past season.

Why Isn’t Frank Fritz Co-Hosting ‘American Pickers’ Anymore?

“American Pickers” fans who are watching the current season might be surprised that a familiar face isn’t gracing their TV screens. Longtime host Frank Fritz, unfortunately, will not be returning to the show anytime soon, The Sun reported earlier this month.

He was fired from “American Pickers” after taking two years off to recover from intense back surgery. Fritz also spent 77 days in rehab this past year, the outlet said, for alcohol issues.

 “I went to rehab and I’ve been sober now for 11 months,” Fritz told the outlet. He would’ve been sober for a year if not for a temporary, few-hours-long relapse.

“I didn’t like drinking anymore. My mom was an alcoholic and she died five years ago and it was alcohol-related. My grandfather was an alcoholic and he died. That didn’t sit well with me,” the “American Pickers” alum explained.

Though he’s made progress, he still won’t be back on the show this year. No matter how much Fritz wishes he could be.

“I’d still like to get back to my job,” Fritz said. “I miss my friends and my people and being on the road and meeting all those different characters.” 

Fritz’s former co-host Mike Wolfe would like to see him back too, but not anytime soon.

“We all do care about Frank and we want him back on the show. I would love to talk with him again, we would absolutely love to, but he just can’t get it right,” Wolfe told The Sun. “Frank is just going through a lot personally with addictions. It’s unfortunate that he’s made decisions that have him the way he is.”