‘American Pickers’: Here’s the Most Rare Vintage Car the Team Has Ever Come Across

by Keeli Parkey

During their many years and hundreds of episodes on television, the “American Pickers” gang has come across some very, very interesting items. For example, host Mike Wolfe once came across the mummified remains of a murder victim. He also once acquired a collection of glass eyeballs and other creepy items.

While a rare vintage car might not be as weird as those items, it is still a very, very valuable find. And, according to Hot Cars, there was one rare car that stood out from the rest of the crowd.

This vintage car was a hand-built Wooden Model-T. Wolfe and former “American Pickers” host Frank Fritz came across this unusual vehicle during the seventh episode of the show’s 17th season. It was the work of Wayne Allen and it “was the love child of his passion for cars and woodcarving.”

It reportedly took Allen 4,000 hours over seven years to create the Wooden Model-T seen in “American Pickers.” And, he finished his pet project while working full time and leading his family.

“Wayne poured his blood, sweat, and tears into the creation of his masterpiece, which is nothing less than a fine piece of art,” Hot Cars describes. “The level of detailing in carving the wood is so pristine and detailed that it has minute parts taken into consideration. With immense dedication, he sought out the impossible and built this vehicular art all by himself.”

This unique “American Pickers” find was built with a Ford 215 engine. This type of engine was originally used in the popular automobile brand’s F-Series trucks. It also has a windshield wiper that had to be operated manually. Its upright steering wheel was modeled, no pun intended, after the steering wheel of the Model-T. The seats in Allen’s creation were also created out of wood.

Ameican Basswood Used to Create Wooden Model-T Seen on ‘American Pickers’

Looking at this car as the “American Pickers” star saw it, you notice that it also looks like a hot-rod. It sits low. Its tires in front are narrow, while the back tires are wide. The wood used by Allen was “cabinet quality American Basswood.”

And in order to fit all the pieces together, he used glue and nails to hold the body together. Once shaped, the wood was treated with polish and chemicals to make sure it shined. This process also allowed the Wooden Model-T to hold up over the wear and tear of the years.

Unsurprisingly, Allen’s work drew the attention of car lovers. His son, Brent, shared that when Allen took the car to auto shows, it would gain more attention than cars that were valued at $100,000.

“The Wooden-T has also got its fair share of glory,” Hot Cars also reported. “Hot-Rod magazine featured the Wooden-T in its 50th-Anniversary edition, making a spot in the top 100 of all time. That’s not all, Allen and the Wooden-T also won South East Regional Champion and National Runner-up for Radical Altered Rod in the International Show Car Association.”

This Wooden Model-T was not sold to the “American Pickers” guys. However, they did offer to help make sure this rare vintage car was restored and survived. It’s a good thing they did. A find like this doesn’t come along that often.