‘American Pickers’: Here’s Two State Where Mike Wolfe Will Be Picking Soon

by Chase Thomas

Mike Wolfe of American Pickers is hitting the road again soon. Yes, fans all over our great country have been wondering where Wolfe might peruse next for some high-quality antiquing. Well, we have a couple of answers for you and they are both in the South. Wolfe will be picking in Alabama and Mississippi.

The plan is for Wolfe to film content for American Pickers in Alabama in February of 2022 for the History Channel show. When will Wolfe hit the Magnolia state? Well, it’ll reportedly be the same time, February of 2022.

That Time on ‘American Pickers’

Man, there have been all kinds of great moments over the years on American Pickers, haven’t there been, Outsiders? We see Wolfe nab some all-time great picks, with one of those highlights being that leather license plate he paid $1,000 big ones for that resulted in a net profit of $200. This was due to the fact that these kinds of plates were a thing over 100 years ago before everything changed and everything got all standardized. It was about the number, not the material the number appeared on.

Well, what about that time Wolfe wanted to pick that little toy car? You remember the one on American Pickers. Those tether cars could reportedly make it up 215 mph. These bad boys were The Toy for kids in the ’30s all the way through the ’60s. Partly because of how preposterous it was to see such a speed on such a little toy car. Over 200 miles per hour on that little old thing? That was the story, and kids during that time loved them. The tether in the car kept them from going even faster, if you wondering about that aspect of them.

How Much For that Toy Car?

The negotiation for this one is a difficult one. Wolfe will not go as high as the man originally wants him to go for the antique. The number is rather wild when you think about it for the American Pickers show. The man wanted $1,000 originally just for the car. A toy car for a grand, folks. Instead, Wolfe, being the good negotiator that he is, pushes back for $700. As you can surmise, the gap between the two on price was rather large. Rather than walk away, Wolfe looks for a way to sweeten the deal and goes the combination route. He actually goes over his original ask of $700 for $1,100.

However, it comes at a cost, he wants a few other items with it that include the car, two other cars, and a memory jug for good measure. With that collection, he is content going over the $1,000 threshold and the two agree to the deal.

American Pickers has completed 22 seasons to this point with episodes airing on the History Channel.