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‘American Pickers’: Here’s the ‘Weirdest Thing’ Danielle Colby Says Mike Wolfe Has Seen While Picking

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

Mike Wolfe has found a lot of weird items while rummaging through old homes and abandoned barns on American Pickers. But nothing compares to the time he found human remains.

Yep. Mike Wolfe actually found a dead body at work one day. To be clear, he didn’t stumble upon a crime scene. The body had been donated to science over a hundred years ago. However, as interesting as the find was, Mike didn’t think the skeleton had a lot of resale value. So he didn’t bid on it.

During a 2018 interview, Danielle Colby told WREG News 3 the story behind the find.

“[The skeletons] was never on TV. It was before the show, ” Colby told hosts Marybeth Conley and Alex Coleman. “He found an Odd Fellow’s coffin with an actual skeleton inside of it—like a real human skeleton inside of it. He didn’t pick it. I mean, he couldn’t. He was just like ‘Ah!’ But that was probably the weirdest thing that he had seen. They used to actually use real skeletons for colleges from the 1800s into the early 1900s.”

The Odd Fellows was a fraternal organization that was around during the 19th and 20th centuries. The group was said to “visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan.” However, most people had no idea what went on inside the fraternity.

As the story goes, the Odd Fellows eventually ceased to exist after the Great Depression. And to this day, people still find creepy coffins closets, attics, and beneath floorboards of abandoned Odd Fellows lodges.

‘American Pickers’: The Time Mike Wolfe Was Too Creeped Out By a ‘Haunted Pick’

Mike Wolfe full-heartedly believes in the netherworld. And during a pick in 2015, a creepy story sent the host packing before he could finish working.

The supernatural tale took place at an old building in the Minnesota countryside. Owners Carol and Carl were using the place for storage, and they invited American Pickers to search through its abandoned contents.

But just as Frank and Mike were headed in to start their hunt, Carol told them about a spooky situation that had happened a few weeks prior.

Apparently, a friend from their church was helping the couple move boxes one day and he saw a face in the window of the attic. The brave soul walked upstairs to investigate and found a picture of a man who passed away in the building.

Frank Fritz thought the story was nonsense, but he knew Mike would be scared—and he was right.

“I’ve always believed in that stuff,” Mike said to the camera during a clip from the episode. “I’ve had experiences with ghosts before. Sometimes I believe that ghosts can attach to some of the things that I buy.”

Mike hesitantly walked into the attic, but he was clearly ready to bolt from the start. As he was timidly looking around, a cat meowed. And to Frank’s amusement, Mike was out of there.

“I have never seen Mike Wolfe pick a barn that fast,” joked Frank.