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‘American Pickers’: Here’s What Happened to the Abandoned Aerosmith Van Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz Rediscovered

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The “American Pickers” squad has a way of showcasing some of the greatest hidden gems America has to offer.

In episode 13 of season 19 of the popular reality TV show, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz found what would become a fan-favorite lead. In this episode, the “American Pickers” meet a man named Phil.

Phil happened to buy a property located in Chesterfield, Massachusetts. However, there was a little free added bonus to his property that he discovered upon move-in day. There happened to be a timeless rock ‘n’ roll relic turning to rust on the property.

The abandoned van in question was once owned by one of the most iconic rock bands of all time — Aerosmith.

‘American Pickers’ and the Aerosmith Van

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz first showed fans the iconic van on the show. They went through the long process of getting it truly authenticated, which included the help of Ray Tabano. He is one of the founding members of the band that was replaced by Brad Whitford back in 1971.

The “American Pickers” bought the van for what seems like a steal of only $25,000 at the time. The goal was to preserve some of the original features but to also give it a nice refashioning. The ceiling compartment and all the artwork are some of the features that stayed put, given they showcase the rock ‘n’ roll parts of the beaten-down van.

Mark Lehman created the artwork. He drove the van, gave it services, ran the sound system, and set up all the gear.

A new engine and front end were placed in the van. Then, in season 20, episode 16, the “American Pickers” picked up a few spare hours of some of the iconic Aerosmith rockers’ time. They met Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Joey Kramer, and Tom Hamilton and the group got a little nostalgic over the iconic van that took them around New England in the ’70s.

“There are two sounds that I remember. One is the tape rewinding in the studio and that [door,]” Joe Perry said in the episode.

Future of the Famous Van, Other Finds

According to Distractify, the Aerosmith rockers bought back the car and it was outside the lobby of where they were playing their Las Vegas residency. The goal was for it to end up in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but it’s unclear where the van is now that the residency has come to an end.

It’s likely that the Aerosmith crew has it locked away safe and sound somewhere, but it’s nowhere that the public can see it.

In another episode of “American Pickers,” the team meets a bubblegum pop legend, Tim Corwin. He has a BSA Lightning 650 Motorcycle locked away in his barn. He was the singer for The Ohio Express.

Certainly, the “American Pickers” team has been left speechless more often than not.