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‘American Pickers’: Here’s What States the Show Has Passed on

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

“American Pickers” former costars Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe frequently travel all over to discover some of their coolest finds. However, one Looper article highlighted a list of states across the United States where the pair have not previously filmed. These consist of Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, Delaware, Nevada, and Utah.

While we’re sure there are a plethora of reasons the Pickers have not visited these states, Looper, with the help of one Reddit user, grouped the states in ways that made logical sense. Read on to find out why the aforementioned states have been neglected.

The first of the three groups consist of Hawaii and Alaska. According to the outlet, via Redditor @klaushmuller, these two disconnected states are too far away to film in those locations. Additionally, “The guys could always fly to Hawaii, but the traveling costs would likely offset any potential profit they might stand to make,” Looper said. Further, Alaska is an incredibly far drive to go antiquing in the way the “American Pickers” do.

‘American Pickers’ Has So Far Detoured Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming

The next group Redditor @klaushmuller shared were some of the United States’ larger, less populated states. These consist of Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

While Looper claimed there is a good chance at finding some scores in these states, there is too much ground to cover. It would take too much to put a lot of time into filming in these places.

The outlet said that the states’ large sizes versus their low population would mean the “American Pickers” would spend much of their time traveling. Hence, they rather than putting more time and effort into driving than discovering cool finds.

Mike Wolfe and Former Costar Frank Fritz Have Their Reasons for Avoiding Certain States

The final three states the “American Pickers” haven’t yet been to are Nevada, Utah, and Delaware. Overall, the group sort of consists of a rather eclectic collection of states as far as their environments go. While Nevada and Utah reside in the Western United States, Delaware sits on the east coast.

What’s more interesting is that the collectors have rummaged through places all over Pennsylvania. However, despite being one of Delaware’s close neighbors, they haven’t set foot in the smaller state. Looper mused that as far as Delaware goes, perhaps the crew just hasn’t gotten there yet in traveling that far eastward.

Finally, the reason why “American Pickers” has not yet visited Utah and Nevada is due to its climate. Both Nevada and Utah have incredibly dry climates which, according to the article, does not preserve antiques as well as humid climates do. So they suspect that while the crew might possibly find some really cool gambling antiques especially in Nevada, it’s unlikely due to the state’s poor weather conditions in preserving older items and materials.