‘American Pickers’: Here’s Why Frank Fritz Says the Show ‘Resonates’ With Viewers

by Michael Freeman

Since debuting in early 2010, American Pickers remains a popular show. While there’s a number of reasons for this, Frank Fritz once gave a reason he says the show “resonates” so much with viewers.

Sitting down with The Columbus Dispatch, Fritz fielded a handful of questions. One of the more interesting ones was why he thinks the show meshes with people the way it does. He simply responded “It resonates a lot because there’s a little bit of collector — picker — in everybody.

It makes sense if you think about it. Everyone loves coming across a good deal or item. There’s nothing quite like finding something you know is valuable and coming out ahead of the game at the end of the day. The show provides a way for viewers to live vicariously through Fritz and Mike Wolfe.

Though Frank notes “I’ve never really found that $100,000 vase. … I haven’t found anything that’s really blown my mind,” the two regularly find interesting items and that’s always fun to watch.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz Never Introducing Themselves Confuses Fans

While we all know producers stage “reality shows” like American Pickers to an extent, it’s apparent some times more than others. Fans picked up on one such example and it involves Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz not introducing themselves.

User Boomer1020 on Reddit talked about it with the post “Question for the AP Community,” where other users chimed in with their thoughts. “Has anyone noticed that when Frank and Mike show up, they don’t introduce themselves as the guys from “American Pickers” or even “Antique Archeology”? I realize that for the show, it is basically all pre-staged, it’s always…..’you talked to Danielle’. Just kind of curious,” Boomer1020 wrote.

User Jstud replied they remembered reading the Wolfe and Fritz do stage introductions. The reason they do it is so they don’t show up and owners immediately tell them to leave. “I read it’s because the “introductions” are all staged. Even the freestyling, to a degree. I read they do drive around and look for places but they call first and make sure they have consent to show up and film before showing up. They do show up and a couple times people still said ‘nope, leave,’ which is why that has happened a couple times, but most times people have advanced notice (like say at least 15-20 minutes).”

Finally, Moneyman74 agreed and said the show was originally meant to be more candid. The show’s original premise was supposed to be about two people scouring the area for picks. Nonetheless, it has since been pre-planned and pre-introduced.

Additionally, since Covid began spreading, it seems logical the show would call ahead. This ensures owners are comfortable with people coming over to look at their stuff.