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‘American Pickers’: Here’s Why Mike Wolfe and the Crew Never Picked in Hawaii

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Mike Wolfe puts more than 70,000 miles on his van every year for the sake of American Pickers. However, Wolfe still hasn’t been on any of Hawaii’s roads for the show. While he is an adamant collector of Americana items, he has intentionally avoided the 50th state in his travels. It’s not that Wolfe wouldn’t like to take a trip to the picturesque islands. Rather, the journey just doesn’t fit into the logistics of the show.

The most obvious reason that Wolfe and his American Pickers crew haven’t visited Hawaii is the fact that he can’t necessarily drive there. Much of the show’s charm comes from Wolfe’s road trips across the nation, and the host has found plenty of his antique items from garages and old buildings along the side of the asphalt. If he’s 30,000 feet in the air, there’s not much chance of him spotting an old Ford or antique doll along the way. Unless, of course, another passenger on the flight has some especially interesting luggage.

Another problem with a trip to Hawaii has to do with the environment itself. As Looper pointed out, Hawaii’s tropical climate means humidity – and lots of it. Unfortunately, moisture is the enemy of antique items. Much of the Americana memorabilia that Wolfe collects consist of wood or untreated materials that are very susceptible to water, rendering them practically unrepairable. Excess moisture can cause the item to warp, change color, and lose value. Since most of the items Wolfe finds are in garages and non-temperature-controlled environments, it’s not likely that they are in good condition.

Other States That ‘American Pickers’ Has Yet to Visit

Despite the challenges of taking American Pickers to Hawaii, it’s still possible that Wolfe and his crew might take a future trip to the 50th state. Perhaps for a special feature, the host will take a vacation that doubles as a work trip.

Even in the lower 48, Wolfe has yet to visit a few key states. These include western states like Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming, as well as Delaware, Nevada and Utah. Wolfe also has yet to see Alaska for similar reasons as Hawaii.

It’s fairly clear why American Pickers hasn’t traveled across the western states. With two seasons to shoot in a single year, Wolfe will have to find new antique items fast. Unfortunately, as beautiful as these states are, their populations are too spread out across a large surface area. That means more time driving and less time picking. And while we love to hear Wolfe chattering about his Americana knowledge in the van, we also want to see him in action.

Unlike the western states, the three latter states Wolfe has yet to visit are still a mystery. These areas don’t pose the same problems that the others have, yet Wolfe has yet to lay claim to any items there. The good news is that American Pickers isn’t going anywhere. So, we might be seeing Wolfe’s famous van in these three states sometime soon.