‘American Pickers’: Here’s How Mike Wolfe Came Up with Antique Archaeology’s Name and Logo

by Megan Molseed

Since he was a boy, American Pickers host and creator Mike Wolfe knew he had a knack for discovering treasure where few would find it.

The longtime History Channel star and collector grew up in a small Western Iowa town. And, it was there that Wolfe discovered his love for digging through piles of junk-searching for unique finds. In fact, the American Pickers host had such a talent for this, that he eventually expanded his unique talent into a “brick and mortar” shop in 2001.

Full of anything a shopper can hope to find, Mike Wolfe’s flagship which is located in LeClair, Iowa, has now expanded from its original location to a second one located in Nashville, Tennesee.

Nearly everything in the American Picker’s famous shops are unique… from the items themselves to the stories behind how they were acquired.

Even Antique Archaeology’s name – and logo – have their own unique history and a set of stories behind them.

Wolfe Puts A Name To His Passion

“I’ve been doing what you guys see me do on television for about twenty-five years,” the American Pickers host said during a 2015 interview. “But I finally put a name to it in 2001.”

For Wolfe, it was important to find a name that communicates the uniqueness of what he does when picking the name for his storefront. He was also looking for a name that communicates all of the uniqueness the shop holds inside.

“I was always digging things out of the dirt, so I thought of the archaeological aspect of that,” the American Pickers star explains.

“And, obviously I’ve bought and sold antiques,” Wolfe continues. “So I put those two words together and it worked!”

The originality behind Antique Archaeology’s name was also something that was very important to the longtime collector.

“Since I’d been in the antique business so long it was hard to come with a name that no one had come up with before,” Mike Wolfe remembers.

He jokes that there were a few names he considered along the way.

“I thought about calling it “Mission: Impossible Antiques” or something like that,” he says with a laugh. “But Antique Archaeology stuck.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Finds The Perfect Logo To ‘Rule The Roost’

Once Mike Wolfe had settled on a name for his flagship store, his next task was deciding on a logo.

“It’s an iron rooster that was a weather vein that I got driving allies in Fort Madison Iowa,” Mike Wolfe remembers of the item that inspired the Antique Archaeology rooster logo.

“It was laying back there in this guy’s yard,” Wolfe continues of the inspiring discovery. “He had made it, and I was like do you want to sell the rooster and he was like “yeah.””

Wolfe was happy with his discovery. And, not long after he purchased the unique rooster weather vein, the American Pickers host realized the importance it would have in his new brand.

“On the way home I was looking at it and I’m like “that’s my logo,”” Wolfe recalls.

Eventually, the antique collector added a sun behind the rooster’s picture and, as they say, the rest is history!