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‘American Pickers’: How Mike Wolfe Feels About Danielle Colby’s Side Gig

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for NATD)

American Pickers fans know Danielle Colby as the person who helps keep things running smoothly. She holds down the fort at Antique Archaeology and lines up places to pick for Mike Wolfe. However, she has several other irons in the fire. For instance, she hosts a podcast about the history of stripping. Additionally, she is a burlesque performer. Dani has been into burlesque for years. So, that left some wondering how Mike feels about his co-star’s side gig.

Back in 2019, Wolfe spoke to Fox News about the show, the meaning behind it, and more. At one point, they wanted to know how he felt about the fact that Danielle Colby did burlesque shows when she wasn’t at the shop or on American Pickers. For those who don’t know, burlesque shows usually include racy dance numbers. It’s not quite stripping because, for the most part, the performers aren’t totally nude. Additionally, there is a theatrical element to the performances. In short, it’s kind of like very sexy interpretive dancing.

Some might think that Mike Wolfe would be opposed to Danielle Colby taking part in the not-quite-family-friendly art. However, those people would be wrong. Wolfe knows that she’s passionate about burlesque. In his eyes, that’s what’s important. “When I see her doing something that she loves, it’s really her best moments because she’s a very very passionate person.”

Mike Wolfe Calls Danielle Colby an Inspiration

Before getting into his feelings about Danielle Colby’s passion for burlesque, he talked a little about what Dani means to him and to American Pickers as a whole.

“Danielle and I have known each other for over 25 years, and she’s always been this creative force.” Then, he mentioned Dani’s Le Claire, Iowa-based art store 4 Miles 2 Memphis. Wolfe said she named the store for her two children, her son Miles and her daughter Memphis.

Wolfe said that Danielle Colby created clothing and other art in the store. “I would go in there because she’s such an inspiration to me. She’s one of those persons that if she has an idea and she has the passion for it, she’s going to follow through with it.”

However, Danielle Colby didn’t just inspire Mike Wolfe by being a creative free-spirit. She also kept the wind in his sails while he tried to sell American Pickers. “When I was pitching the show for five years, she was really inspirational to me as far as just keeping the wheels on the track.”

Wolfe went on to say that Danielle Colby would tell him to keep pushing forward with the show and to not give up on the dream. “After five years, almost, of hearing ‘no’ it was important for me to hear things like that from people I loved.”