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‘American Pickers’: How Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz Picked a Rolls-Royce for Insanely Cheap Price

by Amy Myers
(Photo by National Motor Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images)

When American Pickers star Mike Wolfe finds a vintage car, you can bet the vehicle is coming back home with him. Ever the motor enthusiast, Wolfe recognizes the value and potential in early 20th century cars and knows that for the right price, he can fix up just about any banged-up car so that it at least looks nice and turns over.

Back in Season 18 of American Pickers, Wolfe and former co-star Frank Fritz met the wife and son of a man that cherished his Rolls-Royce. However, with the passing of its owner, the car had seen some damage and deterioration and even housed a raccoon nest. Left to rust with many other antique items, the car wasn’t serving much of a purpose at its current location. So, Wolfe hoped that with an over-the-phone appraisal from a car expert, they would agree to its sale.

Take a look at the vintage Rolls-Royce in the clip below.

The American Pickers host decided to call up a friend from Down Under named Rod who knew everything about the classic car manufacturer. According to Rod, the model that Wolfe had in front of him was a Rolls-Royce Twenty, manufactured between 1922 and 1929. Unlike more luxurious models like the Silver Ghost or the Phantom, the Twenty (named for its 20 horsepower) was much smaller in stature and served as a self-driven model rather than a chauffeur-driven model. Rod estimated that there were only 50 of these cars left in the U.S.

‘American Pickers’ Stars Take Home Rolls-Royce for $16k

In immaculate condition, the car can sell for up to $120,000. To repair the car that the American Pickers observed, Rod reported that it would cost him roughly $100,000. Meanwhile, in its current state, the car expert recommended that Wolfe purchase the vehicle for $15,000.

“It might sound low, but there’s a lot of work to be done,” the American Pickers consultant shared.

If the car’s engine could start, Wolfe could resell it for $20,000, making a $5,000 profit. However, the family wasn’t willing to give up the vehicle for that small of a price. The son asked for the full $20,000, meaning Wolfe wouldn’t be able to profit at all from the purchase. After a bit of haggling, mom stepped in with a sweet grin on her face and asked for $16,000.

“Look at that face,” Wolfe said, embracing the woman. “How could I say no to 16? Are you kidding me?”

Later, the American Pickers star commended the woman for swindling him out of a lower price because of her kind demeanor.

“Marlene is either the sweetest woman alive or the best negotiator in Ohio,” he said with a chuckle.