‘American Pickers’: Is Danielle Colby Slamming Frank Fritz’s Call Out of Mike Wolfe in New Post?

by John Jamison

“American Pickers” star Danielle Colby shared a post on her Instagram story that has fans wondering if she had a specific target in mind.

For the uninitiated, the ongoing drama surrounding the hit History Channel show “American Pickers” has gone back and forth a few times now. After Frank Fritz initially accused Mike Wolfe and the show of being insensitive to his health issues and squeezing him out, Wolfe responded with an Instagram post taking the high road. The post didn’t address any drama. In it, Wolfe wished Frank the best.

“I will miss Frank, just like all of you, and I pray for the very best and all good things for him on the next part of his journey,” part of the caption read.

Then, Frank fired back, claiming that Mike’s post was completely disingenuous.

“Mike’s statement was bulls–t, somebody wrote it out for him. We never were friends in grade school. I don’t believe in ten years he’s said five nice things to me, you know? Unless he was cutting somebody else down and we were both laughing,” Fritz told The Sun.

All the while, Danielle Colby was maintaining her good-natured relationship with Mike Wolfe. However, a post on her Instagram story today has piqued the interest of “American Pickers” fans everywhere.

She shared a picture of an embroidered message on her story that, yes, does indeed contain some profanity.

You’ve been warned.

“If you can’t say anything nice, shut the f–k up!” the embroidery reads.

Naturally, the timing of Colby sharing the post mere days after Frank Fritz criticized Mike Wolfe’s statement has caught some attention. The post may be pure coincidence, though. Perhaps the “American Pickers” star has a thing for embroidered messages.

Frank Fritz Had Some Strong Words for the ‘American Pickers’ People

Frank Fritz wasn’t pulling any punches when he addressed the Mike Wolfe statement. And the profanity he used would certainly warrant a response like the one in Danielle Colby’s post. The Sun asked Fritz if his claim that he and Wolfe hadn’t spoken in years was true.

“That is true and I’m not going to sit here and f—–g lie to people. And if he doesn’t like it, then maybe he should have f—–g called me. Maybe he should have called and said ‘Hey, how’s your back doing?'”

At the end of the day, it’s clear that Frank Fritz is feeling abandoned by the show and his colleague of 40-plus years.

“He knows I hurt my back, everyone in the whole network knew I hurt my back, but did one person  – just one – call and see how I was? No. So how does that make you feel? It makes you feel like you’re just a number. It was like ‘Oh you hurt your back? Well life goes on, you know. F–k you.'”

Whether or not Frank’s claims are true, Mike’s statement was genuine, or Danielle Colby’s recent post was directed at her former “American Pickers” costar remains to be seen. We do know that the stars of the show have seen better days in terms of their relationships. And that fans are eager for the show to get back to some sense of normalcy.