‘American Pickers’ and Jason Momoa Are Teaming Up for a New Show ‘On the Roam’

by Courtney Blackann

We’re fairly certain that no one would turn down teaming up with Jason Momoa aka the “Aquaman” himself. The actor is a badass onscreen and completely grounded offscreen. He’s described as a hilarious and sweet person with a drive to work. However, fans may not know that Jason Momoa is also a huge fan of vintage bikes – just like “American Pickers’” Mike Wolfe. And as it turns out, the two are teaming up.

With a new Discovery series, Momoa is hitting the road in “On the Roam,” per Looper. The show will be about traveling across the states and highlighting people and their unique interests. This includes everything from collectors, athletes, musicians and artists.

Momoa opened up about the show and how excited he was to partner with Discovery on this journey.

“‘On the Roam’ is an endless quest for me to discover extraordinary people and places,” said Momoa. “I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Discovery on this journey.”

Further, officials at Discovery expressed their excitement over the project.

“This is a series about finding your personal inspiration through exploration and immersing yourself in other people’s passions and processes,” explains Nancy Daniels, Chief Brand Officer at Discovery.

And while we don’t have all the details about Momoa’s travels, we do know that he crosses paths with Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” at some point. It may seem like an unlikely friendship, but Wolfe and Momoa have actually known each other for a couple of years now.

They bonded over their love of vintage motorcycles – and routinely share their knowledge of the vehicles.

The “American Pickers” personality also opened up about looking forward to being a part of “On the Roam.”

“Excited to be a piece to the puzzle of your new project. Antique motorcycles are the vehicles that brought us together. Storytellers, Iowa boys, and constantly on the roam. Love you brother,” he wrote.

“American Pickers” Star on Difference Between Hoarders and Collectors

Wolfe has been working as a collector of old vintage goods for decades. He’s been the front runner of “American Pickers” since it first aired in 2010. While he has a great deal of knowledge of what it means to be a collector, Wolfe admits there is a difference between hoarders and “pickers.”

“I watched Hoarders last night. The hoarder talked about the thrill of hunt, that they were excited to find something on a hunt. That’s the same thrill we get,” Wolfe begins.

But he also adds that:

“But the people we come across are collectors; they are proud people who are proud of their collections. On Hoarders, no one was proud. Even when you look at collections that are stacked on top of one another, the collectors are still proud of them. That’s the separation between a collector and a hoarder. A hoarder may start out proud, but they aren’t in the end.”