‘American Pickers’: A Jukebox Repairman Gets Highlighted in Upcoming Episode

by Jonathan Howard

With the news that ratings are going down, it seems that American Pickers is getting back to the type of picks that made them famous.

Sometimes, when a show gets popular, it can stray a bit from the usual path. With the Frank Fritz fallout, Mike Wolfe and company have to get back on track. The show has had a rough go of things this year. However, the last couple of weeks has been very promising.

Tonight, their show takes us to Southern California. This is not a place that the American Pickers have been very often, if ever at all. However, it looks like they found a location worth going to. One owner, who has collected for three decades, might have the ultimate gas station-related collection ever on the show.

“It’s time for another pick!” the American Pickers Twitter said.”Tonight we meet Juan, a jukebox repairman with a 30-year collection and a backyard full of awesome stuff – signs, radios, gas pumps, and more. He’s ready to let some things go!” That all goes down tonight.

It really seems like Juan is willing to sell. However, it is never easy for folks that have been collecting for so long. Memories of trips, good and bad, auctions, the people along the way, all of it. That’s why Mike and the pickers have such a hard time when they go out. This does seem like a place they are going to pick clean, though.

These days, Mike travels around with his brother, Robbie. The two have not been well received by fans as a whole. To be fair, it is early on for Robbie. It isn’t his fault that fans feel the way they do about Frank and how that situation went down.

‘American Pickers’ Robbie Shows Off Retro Garage

When you tune into American Pickers you usually expect to see some old signs, and some old cars or motorcycles. At the very least, a bicycle. Mike and Robbie love vintage vehicles of all kinds. If they have a chance to show off some great vehicles, they are going to do it. When you watch the episode tonight, you are going to catch some of those old rides.

Robbie took to Instagram and told fans to watch. “Tune in 8 central New American Pickers History Channel. I unveil my new sprawling retro garage, and in Southern California, the Wolfe brothers come face-to-face with the King of Signs. And uncover the Holy Grail of 3D signs.” So, it sounds like a full episode of all the stuff folks want to see on the show.

American Pickers has been trying to get things back on track. If they can show off a good product, great items, and fun stories, then fans will tune in. It doesn’t matter if Frank is there or not. Will more episodes like this help fans get used to Robbie?