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‘American Pickers’: Looking Back at Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe’s Strangest Finds Together

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage)

Since 2010, “The American Pickers” has been wowing us with some amazing finds. For twenty-two seasons, the show’s stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have been combing the country for unique antiques and discoveries. Nothing has been off-limits. No barn, no barroom, no attic or crawlspace. Sometimes, the duo would be on a hunt for something specific. While other days, they were just digging to see what they could find. Whatever the case, each episode of the hit History Channel series always brought us some exciting moments of discovery. When the two experts stepped into a room you always knew there would be a unique find. Even if all there seemed to be was junk.

Some of the “Pickers” most unique finds range from sealing the deal on a special request from a man who has made a career roaming this universe and beyond, to gigantic heads made to look like a famous comedy duo, to a wolf-boy or a rock icon’s original groupie van, Wolfe and Fritz have seen it all.

‘American Pickers’ Finds Something For Any Request

In one episode of the hit television series, “Star Trek” star and television icon William Shatner turned to the pickers to help him find a perfect piece for his garden.

Shatner had reached out to Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to help him obtain a millstone. An antique tool used to process grain, the millstone is not an easy find. It is huge and heavy. However, the pickers hunted one down in no time, and Shatner was grateful for the effort.

“This is the signature piece,” Shatner said of the gigantic garden decoration. “The millstone is genius.”

In another episode of “American Pickers,” Wolfe and Fritz were digging around only to find two gigantic mask heads depicting the legendary comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy. Definitely an unusual find for the antiquers.

No Space Is Off Limits For ‘Pickers’

Another episode brought the duo to a place they toured frequently. The home of Ron (also known as “the mole man) touring a sprawling maze of tunnels the property owner had been developing for years. The tunnels lie beneath several outbuildings that are themselves a dream picking spot for the “American Pickers.”

“This place is like “Indiana Jones” meets “Sanford and Sons,” Wolfe said of the maze.

In another amazing tour, the Pickers discovered what turned out to be one of the rock group Aerosmith’s original touring vans.

Another find was one that would likely scare anyone who didn’t know the back-story of the objects.

At the home of Homer Tate, the Pickers discovered some of the most macabre discoveries. Tate was known for creating road-side art out of paper mache, real animal bones, and mud. His works were often the star attraction of roadside attractions across the country. For a small fee, of course.

The pickers visited the unique artist where they were able to come face to face with “wolf boy” a Tate original.