‘American Pickers’: Meet Leticia Cline, Mike Wolfe’s New Girlfriend Amid Divorce from Wife Jodi

by John Jamison

The last year and change has brought with it some major change for the long-running reality show “American Pickers.”

One of the show’s anchors, Frank Fritz, went through some health issues that, combined with the pandemic, have prevented him from returning to the show in its current season. He had a public falling out with co-host Mike Wolfe. And on the other side of things, Wolfe and his wife of nine years are going through a divorce. The couple shares a 9-year old daughter, so a custody agreement will need to be reached.

But the divorce doesn’t seem to have slowed Wolfe down much, as he’s currently in a serious relationship with fellow reality TV star Leticia Cline.

With the current information available, it appears that “American Pickers” has no intention of bringing Frank Fritz back. That leaves Mike Wolf to hold down the fort until the show decides what to do about a potential replacement for Fritz. In the meantime, Wolfe continues filming new episodes of the show. And apparently, he’s often joined on location by his new girlfriend. But who is Leticia Cline?

Per TMZ, the couple was first seen together in April of this year. Mike’s wife, Jodi Catherine Wolfe, put in for the divorce in November of 2020, only a few months after they reportedly separated. What’s more, Mike and his new girlfriend Leticia apparently have a history. She posted a casual photo of the two of them together back in 2018.

Girlfriend of the ‘American Pickers’ Star’s Interesting Career Path

Before Mike Wolfe and Leticia ever met, Cline had a budding reality TV career of her own. Now 42, the model appeared on “Beauty and the Geek” in 2005 and has led a pretty interesting career outside of TV as well.

Cline has served as a city council member for her hometown of Cave City, Kentucky. She has worked in the corporate world of public relations, is a cancer survivor, and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. Her modeling work includes the likes of Playboy and Maxim magazines, and she has made a pretty risqué appearance on Howard Stern.

Beyond her reality show experience and appearances as herself, Cline recently played a role in a Guy Pearce-led movie called “Disturbing the Peace.” She doesn’t have much else listed in terms of acting. But the movie is from 2020, so perhaps it’s just the beginning for her.

She has an impressive and diverse career to her name. And these days, she appears to be enjoying life with the “American Pickers” star. It will be interesting to see what the future holds, not only for Mike Wolfe and his girlfriend but also for Frank Fritz, his friend of 40-plus years and his former antique-picking partner in crime.