‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Antique Archaeology Store Is in the Halloween Spirit With Spooky Decorations

by Amy Myers

It’s easy to make antique items look haunted. Add some cobwebs, dim the lights and suddenly, that sweet tea party doll now looks like the star of a horror movie. American Pickers star Mike Wolfe was clearly in the Halloween spirit when he decorated his store, Antique Archaeology. Usually, the shop is a charming collection of rare Americana memorabilia. But now, Wolfe and his team turned the shop into a creepy yet cute display with crime scene tape, pumpkins and giant spiders.

This wasn’t the only spooky festivity that the American Pickers store was excited for. Along with the storefront fright fest, the shop is also hosting its “Annual Witches Walk” and participating in a “Trunk or Treat” with fellow LeClaire neighbors.

“We are so excited to see your costumes!” the American Pickers staff captioned their Halloween-themed photo.

The store even took their holiday spirit one step further with their recent post featuring American Pickers affiliate Robby Wolfe’s recent pick. During a recent trip, Wolfe found an awesome, vintage Coca-Cola machine that was in a truly horrifying state. Every inch of the machine was covered in real cobwebs. And something tells us Wolfe didn’t have any gloves when he removed the item from its ancient spot. Never one to walk away from a good pick, we can guarantee these spiderwebs didn’t scare off Wolfe from the sale.

You have to wonder, where in the world did he find this thing?

‘American Pickers’ Take a Risk on a Haunted Pick

In a past episode of American Pickers, we found out that host Mike Wolfe is pretty superstitious – and honestly, we don’t blame him. Wolfe travels the country picking up items that have been around for sometimes centuries. Not to mention, these items are often a treasured part of a family’s history. So, if a spirit from pickers past doesn’t want Wolfe to move any of its belongings, chances are he’ll get an unexpected visit.

Back in Season 14, the American Pickers star shared just how much he believed in ghosts and how he’s even had a few experiences of his own with them.

“I’ve always believed in that stuff,” Wolfe said during the episode. “I’ve had experiences with ghosts before. Sometimes, I believe that ghosts can attach themselves to some of the things I buy.”

After only a few minutes of browsing the haunted barn, Wolfe high-tailed it back to his truck.

“I’ve never seen Wolfe pick a barn that fast,” former co-host Frank Fritz said.

Take a look at the American Pickers paranormal encounter in the clip below.