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‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Discussed How the Cast and Crew Is Like a Family

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic)

Part of the appeal of American Pickers is all the traveling the show does around the country. Seeing the vast parts of America is intriguing. It also allows the cast and crew to get a close relationship.

In a discussion with Script Mag, Mike Wolfe talked about his show. The star went over all aspects of the show. Wolfe talked about how close the cast and crew are to each other. At the time the show had been running for here years and things were going great as the show proved to be a success.

“I have people who have been with me on [the] crew for three years… cameraman, sound man, PA, storyline assistant… they love the show that much. I’ve always fought for every single one of them in contract negotiations. My cameraman, John Chiappardi, knows me so well he helps me finish my thoughts. We’re a well-oiled machine.”

With a level of dedication like that, it makes sense that the crew would develop tight friendships. It helps make the show great when the off-screen chemistry is as good as the on-screen chemistry. Unfortunately, that on-screen chemistry didn’t last. Especially not away from the cameras.

It is no secret that Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are not on good terms. Apparently, they have not spoken in quite some time. Since Fritz has been away from the show, fans have not been happy. A segment of fans has consistently badgered the show on social media to bring the costar back. However, it is unclear if that will ever happen.

‘American Pickers’ Early Days Were Uncertain

After taking five years to pitch the show successfully, Mike Wolfe wasn’t sure if American Pickers would have long-term success. There were many uncertainties back in 2010. Not only did History Channel take the show on without a pilot, but they also added Pawn Stars at the same time.

Wolfe was not sure if his show would be able to compete with the other new show on History. However, it turns out that American Pickers and Pawn Stars were able to work together. They ended up cleaning up the ratings, especially for a Monday night cable network.

While producers were expecting the show to pull in a 1.5 rating, it quickly started to rake in the viewers. It started to get ratings of 5.2, 6.2 and it kept climbing. Wolfe was astounded but so happy that his show had found success. Now, it seems silly that Wolfe worried about his show. It has proven to be quite a success and even without Frank on the show, fans keep watching.

However, will American Pickers fans keep watching long-term without the original costar? That remains to be seen. It appears the show isn’t too worried about things. There has been an effort to keep things new and interesting.