‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Is ‘Excited’ To Work With Jason Momoa on New Project

by Leanne Stahulak

Prepare for the crossover to end all crossovers. It looks like “Aquaman’s” Jason Momoa is teaming up with “American Pickers'” Mike Wolfe for a secret project.

Well, the project isn’t so secret now. Both Momoa and Wolfe took to Instagram to share photos from a visit to Nashville, Tennesee, earlier today. Per the caption on Momoa’s post, it looks like Wolfe will be part of the “Aquaman” star’s new Discovery Plus show, “On the Roam.”

PEOPLE announced Momoa’s new project back in March 2021. Per the outlet, “The series will document the ‘Aquaman’ star as he travels across the United States to meet extraordinary people who are blazing their respective paths — including motorcycle fabricators, craftsmen, musicians and athletes — and making a difference in their industry.”

Motorcycles seem to be where Wolfe comes in. The “American Pickers” host has made no secret of the fact that they’re one of his favorite picks. And he even confirmed that he’ll be involved with Momoa’s show due to his interest in antique bikes.

“Excited to be a piece to the puzzle of your new project. Antique motorcycles are the vehicles that brought us together. Storytellers, Iowa boys, and constantly on the roam. Love you brother,” Wolfe wrote in the caption of his Instagram post featuring Momoa.

Well, that settles that. According to CinemaBlend, it looks like Momoa’s visit to Nashville involved filming an episode of “On the Roam.” He ended up visiting several historic spots earlier, including the Ryman Auditorium. If Wolfe was there, then he likely makes an appearance in this episode to talk motorcycles.

‘American Pickers’ Host Mike Wolfe’s Divorce Papers Leaked Secret Project With Jason Momoa

Last year, “American Pickers” host Mike Wolfe finalized his divorce with Jodi Catherine Wolfe. But part of the settlement included production projects that revealed Wolfe’s tie with Jason Momoa.

The Sun obtained these divorce papers from a Tennesee court earlier. In one section, the settlement states that earned the“sole, exclusive and continued right to use his name, image, and likeness and all other names, logos, or other intellectual property involving the show, American Pickers, River Raiders, and Untitled Jason Momoa Project, and/or any other show created or contributed by him now or in the future.”

So, “American Pickers” fans found out about that “Untitled Jason Momoa” project last December. But it’s nice to hear confirmation from the men themselves about what the project actually is.

We know we can expect to see Wolfe appear on Momoa’s show. But will he have a bigger role to play? Perhaps a guide or even co-host? The project must be a big deal if it’s part of the “American Pickers” host’s divorce papers. We’ll have to wait and hear more from Wolfe and Momoa in the meantime.