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‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Explained Importance of His Mom Who ‘Never Got a Dime From’ His Dad

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Pardon “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe if his love and concern for his mother appear a lot stronger toward her than for his father.

Wolfe talked about his youth during a 2014 interview for the Thunder Press. Wolfe was born in Joliet, Ill., and recalled his mother worked at Rock Island Arsenal. He said that his parents divorced when he was two years old. Wolfe also said his mother moved the family to Iowa when he was a fourth-grader.

“Mom never got a dime from my dad,” Wolfe told the Thunder Press. Wolfe’s mother raised three children on her own and survived breast cancer.

Even with all of his success on “American Pickers,” Wolfe realizes that “every day you wake up is a good one.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Has Been On Show Since First Show in 2010

Wolfe has been a part of “American Pickers” since 2010, covering 22 seasons and 325 episodes.

Now Wolfe and his now-former co-star Frank Fritz would go around and look at antiques and collectibles. Then they would buy or “pick” them either for themselves or clients.

The adventures of Wolfe and Fritz have been captivating audiences on the History Channel since its debut on Jan. 18, 2010. Fritz was dropped from the show this year. It was revealed that he and Wolfe, who were friends from school days, hadn’t spoken in two years.

“American Pickers” continues, though, with Wolfe still starring on the show. Danielle Colby, who runs the office of Wolfe’s business Antique Archaeology in Le Claire, Iowa, also appears on the show, too.

Frank Fritz Said He’s Ready For Own Show After Feud with Wolfe

Questions have been swirling around what Fritz would be doing now that he’s no longer working with Wolfe.

Fritz talked about his options during an interview with The Sun.

“I could go either way and find a new show, have something new, and have just as much fun,” Fritz said. “That’s what it’s all about, being satisfied with yourself and having a little bit of fun.”

Yet Fritz also pointed out he is not currently in the “mode” to get a potential series picked up.

“I’m in the position now where if there was a show or something, they could pick me up,” Fritz said.

He spent 11 years on “American Pickers.” A person on that History Channel show encouraged him to find another show to do himself.

“They [television executives] know I have been working for 10, 12 years and that I have the capabilities and the qualities to do it,” he said. “I was talking to one of the guy’s on the show and he was saying it would be a total loss if I don’t keep going or get something rolling.”