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‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Talked About First Reaching the ‘Holy Land of Picking’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

There aren’t many places in the U.S. that American Pickers star Mike Wolfe hasn’t driven through in search of “rusty gold.” The renowned picker doesn’t mind a long drive across state lines if that means getting one step closer to that one-of-a-kind item that no one else has and everyone wants. Each part of the country has its own unique picking niche. On the west coast, you’ll likely see more Hollywood glamor antiques. Down south, you’ll run into those classic family heirlooms that, at one time, were a part of everyone’s childhood. But the best place for picking, from coast to coast, is a bit more north and much farther east.

If Wolfe had his choice of states to visit for his next pick, he’d likely put Pennsylvania at the top of the list. Not only does the state hold much of the nation’s early history, but it also shares the history of industries like railroading, steel and mining, agriculture and factories. While the picks here might not be as flashy as those in California, these items depict some of the rawest examples of American life through the decades and centuries. Because of that, American Pickers star Mike Wolfe has deemed the state the “holy land of picking.”

At a book signing, Wolfe explained his first time ever visiting Pennsylvania. He recalled driving through the mountains and tunnels and realizing just how much the rural state had to offer.

“This is where everything is, this is it,” Wolfe remembered thinking. “This is like the Wild West of picking. Everything is here. It’s incredible.”

While the American Pickers star has found plenty of valuable picks from all over the country, he explained that he made most of his living off of his time spent on the east coast.

‘American Pickers’ Star Breaks Down the Connotation of the Word ‘Antique’

Of course, not everyone is as zealous about antiques as the American Pickers star. In fact, as Wolfe found out, many people don’t think of the word “antique” in a positive sense anymore. Instead, it evokes the thought of a fragile and expensive piece that’s probably best kept in a box. But rather than shying away from the word, Wolfe chose to embrace it and show the world the beauty behind a bit of dust.

“People throw that word ‘antique’ around. And they’re like ‘oh my gosh, I don’t know what this is worth. This could be something good or maybe not. I don’t know if I should buy it,’” Wolfe explained in a past Q&A session.

“I always tell people, don’t worry about that kinda stuff,” he continued. “Don’t worry if it’s an antique, just buy something if you like it. If it’s in your means to buy it, then buy it if you like. If it’s important to you, then it’s gonna be important to you, you know?”