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‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s GF Leticia Cline Gushes About Day with Budweiser Clydesdales

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Ovation)

Former model and current journalist Leticia Cline, girlfriend of “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe, recently shared an exciting adventure with Budweiser via Instagram. In addition to visiting with the beer company, she got to explore an area most people would envy – the Budweiser Clydesdales.

Early on Wednesday morning, the former actress began posting a series of photos to her Instagram story. Describing her encounter, she says, “Got to do something really cool yesterday with @Budweiser.”

Cline then went on to post photos with both the Budweiser dogs and the Clydesdale horses – sharing tidbits of those familiar reigns and bells. We’re not entirely sure if these details mean that a collaboration is in store, but Cline will most likely spill the beans soon.

“Walking a Clydesdale is magical but also very intimidating,” she further states.

“American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe and Cline’s relationship came to light in 2021. However, they’ve been friends since 2018. They’ve been spotted by fans enjoying the outdoors and just enjoying each other’s company.

Further, the journalist is super supportive of “American Pickers” and Wolfe’s career. She would have to be too, because he travels 70,000 miles each year picking his way across America and making the old new again.

In a social media post, Cline shared what collecting means to her.

“Collecting is about preserving history in a world that is desperately trying to re-write it,” Cline writes.

“American Pickers” Mike Wolfe on Book for Kids

We all know that Mike Wolfe has been professionally picking long before he became a host of the History Channel show. He’s been passionate about it since he was a child. This is why he developed a book called “Kid Pickers” for children. The whole point is so kids can learn the basics about making old treasures new and loved again.

“There’s nothing like it out there,” Wolfe said. “It teaches children when they find things, they can learn about their family’s history and history in general. It’s teaching them to repurpose and recycle. These kids are even decorating their rooms in vintage.”

Additionally, Wolfe pitched the History Channel the idea of “Kid Pickers” as a show.

“That’s my way of paying it back… and my legacy,” Wolfe said of the pitch. “‘Kid Pickers’ has more potential than ‘American Pickers’ in a lot of ways. It’s insanely popular around the world because people love the treasure hunt.”

Wolfe’s passion for passing down his knowledge is very obvious with every project he gets involved in. The “American Pickers” star just loves surfing for old junk, learning its history and turning it into something really unique and special.

We think that’s definitely worth sharing.