‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe’s Girlfriend Leticia Cline Has a $200K Business Empire

by Matthew Memrick

Leticia Cline, the girlfriend of “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe, is making a name for herself with her $200k business empire.

According to The Sun, the 43-year-old journalist/model/entrepreneur has amassed her empire from commercial property. She also owns a bar called The Dive and a motorcycle garage called Smiley’s Garage.

Cline is also a city councilwoman and has some acting credits from her past. She said she’s an avid traveler on her website, averaging 20,000 miles on her motorcycles each year. 

Since last year, the 57-year-old Mike Wolfe has dated the Kentucky-born woman. The two have shared a friendship since 2018. Recently, the website said Cline bought $110,000 in real estate in her hometown of Cave City.

‘American Pickers’ Girlfriend May Open A Bar/Lounge

In July, Cline’s recent buy is two suits of a two-story brick building. Records show she filed a business license for Collins and Cline on Jan. 23 for suite B. The woman’s deed listed the space for a possible “restaurant/recreation bar or lounge.” 

Next to the property is Cline’s dive bar. She started the “upscale dive atmosphere” eatery with her mom and sister in 2019. 

Her mom, Debbie Passamore, owns the building. Records show she bought it for $38,000 in May 2019. 

‘American Pickers’ Girlfriend Gets A Hand From Wolfe

Cline is working on the building’s renovation. She’s keeping fans updated on her work through social media, showing off one recent purchase from Wolfe’s Southern Accents Architectural company.

The entrepreneur showed off some 1930s wood flooring that Wolfe had at his home and motorcycle garage. She captioned the Instagram video, saying, “Got my 1930’s Tuscaloosa general store flooring delivered today!” The building also got new Anderson windows in another post that showed its brick walls.

Cline related her journey home to Cave City, talking about how she told her mother she’d come home and buy Cave City one day.

“I didn’t come back rich,” Cline related, “but I can back full of ideas and the knowledge of how to achieve a goal. 

The woman said she’s “opened a community motorcycle garage, a bar, renovating a 100-year-old building into four more businesses and sit on city council… I’m proud of where I’m from and work endlessly to see it reach it’s full potential.”

Cline also is a co-founder/partner of Orlando, Fla.-based Standard Motorcycle Co

‘American Pickers’ Star Wolfe Has Some Wealth

According to The Sun, Mike Wolfe’s real estate properties come in at $3,467,300. The “American Pickers” creator picked up four mansions and 11 commercial properties in his life.

His History Channel show is now in its 23rd season.

Cline and Wolfe reportedly started dating after Wolfe divorced in November 2020. The divorce became official last month.

Wolfe and Cline have one child each from previous marriages.