‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Got Himself Out of Trouble With This Hilarious Response

by Taylor Cunningham

Mike Wolfe’s wit once saved his life while he was working behind the scenes for American Pickers.

During a chat with Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine, Wolfe shared that his travels have led him into many interesting situations over the years. In most cases, the experiences have been positive. But occasionally, he’s gotten himself into some trouble.

To find American Pickers’ treasures, the host drives all over the country. He often prospects and calls people to set up meetings before showing up at their homes. But sometimes, he’ll come across a building that looks promising and he’ll go ahead and just knock on the door without warning.

As we all know, solicitors are a nuisance. And because not everyone out there knows who Wolfe is, they sometimes confuse him for a salesman.

In one situation, Mike Wolfe came across a homeowner who was furious when he knocked on his door. So furious that he pulled a gun. But luckily, the Pickers creator is a quick thinker. And instead of panicking, he had a hilarious response.

“One time, a guy opened the door and stuck a pistol in my face,” Wolfe said. “All I could think of to say was, ‘Hey is that [pistol] for sale?’ I didn’t buy anything there. I haven’t had too many of those experiences. I can probably count on my hand how many times I have been run off.”

Why Mike Wolfe Turned His Experiences Into ‘American Pickers’

Mike Wolfe made a career out of Picking long before the profession turned into a hit reality show. And during his travels, he fell in love with more than just the antiques. He also fell in love with the stories and people behind them.

So after hearing countless tales of US history and culture, he had the idea to start his series. It was nearly impossible to find a network that thought American Pickers would be successful. But with a lot of dedication, he finally convinced the History Channel to give it a try.

During a 2011 interview with bicycling.com, Wolfe detailed exactly how his reality show came to fruition.

“I was traveling all over the country, coming back with all this great stuff—bikes, motorcycles, Vespas, gas-station signs from the thirties, anything I thought I could make a buck on. And I had these amazing stories from people I met on the road, so I started making home movies, showing them to friends, and putting them online,” Wolfe shared.

“I knew it would make a great TV show,” he continued. “But I pitched the idea to every network on cable for four years before History Channel picked us up. Our first show aired January 18, 2010.”