‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Hangs Out With Big & Rich’s John Rich in New Pic

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for NATD)

There was quite the mashup over on Twitter earlier today. John Rich and American Pickers star Mike Wolfe hung out for an episode of The Pursuit! on Fox Business. The country music star sits down with famous friends and discusses business and all things the American dream. Of course, Wolfe would be a perfect guest.

In the picture, Wolfe and Rich are side by side sitting at a table. Over on the left is Rich with his signature cowboy hat and mustache. The American Pickers star sits on the right with his greyed hair and beard and what appears to be a wrist wrap.

While there is no telling what might have happened to Mike Wolfe’s hand, it might be related to his work. Those who watch American Pickers know that Wolfe and friends crawl under and climb over just about anything to get to the good stuff. Perhaps he found himself in a situation on a pick and came away with the injury.

No stranger to sharing his origin story, Wolfe started collecting old junk long before American Pickers fame. That origin story includes running from bullies in alleyways and other places which were the first areas he would start collecting. Of course, he has tons of stories about the business side of things and should have a lot to say to John Rich. As Rich himself put it, Wolfe is the genuine American Picker.

‘American Pickers’ Pick the American Dream

All across American are hidden treasures and for over a decade American Pickers have brought those treasures into millions of homes. The Pickers operated out of Iowa originally. However, in recent years they have been in Nashville, TN. That move isn’t a coincidence, either.

From their Tennessee base of operations, Wolfe and Danielle Colby can pick all the east coast with ease. The east coast of the country is home to the best picks. Historically, it makes sense. With the oldest American cities being on the east, that is where the oldest Americana is going to be. Wolfe has been open about this in the past.

With a passion for all things old, there are things that interest the American Pickers more than others. On a recent episode, Wolfe found a large stash of Volkswagen parts and vehicles. That is one thing that Mike loves, VWs. He has owned many in his life and the pick went very well. No surprise, the pick was in South Carolina, the east coast.

While Wolfe sticks to a lot of large items, Danielle likes the smalls and miniatures. She found quite a haul in Eastern Kentucky with Robbie in the same episode her boss was in South Carolina. There, the duo found all kinds of neat smalls and spent lots of money as well.